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Two points are assigned for the best answer(s), 1 point for acceptable answers, and 0 points for unacceptable/undesirable answers. SECTION ONE: Read the scenario and select the best response. 1. One of your customers has just said to you, “The service here is terrible. ” You should say: a) “What is it about the service that you have not liked? ” 2pts b) “Would you like to fill out a complaint form? I can get one for you. ” 1pt c) “I realize our service is poor today. We are understaffed, so I apologize. 1pt d) “I am really sorry to hear you say that, but we are trying as hard as we can. ” 0pt 2. A customer came to your department with an urgent question. You promised her that you would collect information about her question and answer it by noon. It will take you at least 20 minutes to gather the information needed to provide an answer. It is now 11:50 a. m. Your supervisor just scheduled a 30-minute meeting to start at noon. This meeting is for all employees in your department. You decide to: a) Find the customer after the meeting and apologize. 0pts b) Ask your supervisor if you can be late for the meeting. pts c) Arrange to have the customer call you back at a better time. 1pt d) Contact the customer right away and hope that she can be found. 2pts 3. Terry, who has been an employee in your department for about six months, can be careless about safety. He hasn’t been involved in any serious accidents, but he’s had many near misses. Your supervisor asked you to introduce a new employee, Susan, to the department and to help with her training. Terry overheard and offered to show Susan the safety procedures. Your supervisor thought that would be a great idea. What should you do? ) Tell Terry that you think it would be better if he let you do the training. 0pts b) Tell your supervisor that Terry has had many near-misses and not much experience. 1pt c) Let Terry give Susan the safety training. 0pts d) Volunteer to help Terry train Susan on the safety procedures. 2pts 4. It’s been a very busy day, and you have just received a customer complaint. This is the third time today that this same customer has complained to an employee about the same problem. However, it’s the first time that you have spoken with her. Your best course of action is to: ) Ask the customer to wait and ask the employee who last dealt with her why the problem was not fixed. 1pt b) Ask the customer to wait and ask the employee who last dealt to speak with her. 0pts c) Apologize to the customer and ask if she would like to speak with a supervisor. 1pt d) Apologize to the customer and ask how you can fix the problem. 2pts 5. Each shift, you have to complete several tasks before leaving for the day. It is near the end of your shift and you probably will not have enough time to finish all of your assigned work before leaving. The best thing you can do is: ) Think about changing your routine to help you finish your work on time in the future. 1pt b) Tell the employees on the next shift that the tasks are unfinished and ask them to finish them. 1pt c) Explain the situation to your supervisor and ask for help. 2pts d) Leave for the day and complete the unfinished tasks tomorrow. 0pts 6. One of your customers is irate and has just yelled at you because you were slow in responding to a request he had made. You decide to: a) Call the manager and ask her to deal with the customer. 1pt b) Tell him you are sorry and explain the reason for the delay. pts c) Explain to the customer that he is receiving the same service as everyone else. 0pts d) Tell the customer you will help him as soon as he calms down and stops yelling. 0pts 7. An employee in your department has been coming to work 20 minutes late for the past week. The rest of the employees have picked up the slack so far, but everyone is becoming angry. What should you do? a) Explain to the employee how being late hurts the department’s ability to get things done and that she can help by getting to work sooner. 1pt b) Warn the employee that you will speak to the supervisor next time she is late. pts c) Tell the employee that it’s unfair to everyone when she comes in late. 2pts d) Bring up lateness in the next department meeting. 0pts 8. One of your coworkers frequently complains about problems she’s having with a customer. You decide to: a) Tell her what you believe she is doing wrong. 0pts b) Empathize with her and explain that some customers just cannot be happy. 1pt c) Tell her to channel her energy into finding a solution instead of complaining. 0pt d) Ask her if she would like to discuss the situation and try to find a solution together. 2pts 9.

While you are on break, a customer spills a large drink in a busy area of the store. Cleaning the floors is the job of another team member, but he is taking a customer’s order. What would you do? a) Tell the other team member about the spilled drink. 0pts b) Warn passing customers about the spill until the other team member cleans it up. 1pt c) Clean up the spill as quickly as possible. 2pts d) Ask the manager who should clean up the spill. 0pts 10. A customer asks you a question and you are not sure of the answer. You feel the customer expects you to know the answer. ) See if you can get them to answer their own question by talking it through with them. 2pts b) Bring someone into the conversation who can answer their question. 2pts c) Deflect the question and focus their attention on a different issue. 0pts d) Make up an answer to satisfy them now and plan to correct it later if needed. 0pts SECTION TWO: Read the statement and choose how strongly you agree/disagree with it. Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree 11. I believe feedback does little to improve performance. 2 1 1 0 0 12. No one is the victim when you steal from your company. 1 0 0 0 13. If I’m unhappy with a job, the best thing to do is quit as soon as possible. 2 1 0 0 0 14. What is good for the organization is the concern of the supervisors, not the employees. 2 1 1 0 0 15. My behaviors are often not as safe as they could be. 2 1 1 0 0 16. My pay is more important to me than the contributions I make to the company. 2 1 0 0 0 17. I often lose my patience with others. 2 1 1 0 0 18. I am always on time. 0 0 0 1 2 19. People say I can be counted on to do whatever it takes to get the job done. 0 0 1 1 2 20. People say I am the best worker they have ever seen. 0 1 1 2 SECTION THREE: Read and respond to the statements and choose the answer that best represents your experience. 21. How often did you complete extra credit assignments in school? a) Whenever offered. 2pts b) About 75% of the time. 1pt c) About 50% of the time. 1pt d) About 25% of the time. 1pt e) Never 0pts 22. Suppose we contacted your most recent supervisors/teachers. How would they describe your dependability? a) Much better than my co-workers/classmates. 2pts b) Somewhat better than my co-workers/classmates. 1pt c) About the same as my co-workers/classmates. pt d) Worse than my co-workers/classmates. 0pts e) Much worse than my co-workers/classmates. 0pts 23. In the past year, how many times were you late for work/class? a) Never 2pts b) 1 – 2 times 1pt c) 3 – 5 times 0pts d) 6 or more times 0pts e) I have not worked or had class this past year. 1pt 24. In school, how frequently per year did you request an extension on a due date from a teacher. a) Never 2pts b) One 1pt c) Two 1pt d) Three 0pts e) Four or more times 0pts 25. How often do other people come to you with their problems? a) Never 0pts b) Rarely 0pts ) Sometimes 1pt d) Frequently 2pts e) Almost always 2pts 26. Suppose we contacted your most recent supervisors/teachers. What would they say about how often you stretch the rules at work/school? a) It never happens 2pts b) It rarely happens 1pt c) It happens occasionally 0pts d) It happens frequently 0pts e) I don’t know 1pt 27. Compared to your peers, how often do you lead others? a) Much less often 0pts b) Somewhat less often 0pts c) About the same 1pt d) Somewhat more often 1pt e) Much more often 2pts 28. How would you describe your grades in high school? ) Mostly A’s 2pts b) Mostly B’s 2pts c) Mostly C’s 1pt d) Mostly D’s and/or F’s 0pts e) My school did not give grades 1pt 29. How would others rate your ability to handle last minute changes? a) Well above average 2pts b) Above average 2pts c) Average 1pt d) Below average 0pts e) Well below average 0pts 30. You typically set your work standards: a) Above average 2pts b) At the same level as others 1pt c) At achieving the highest quality possible 2pts d) At achieving the highest quantity possible 1pt e) I don’t know 0pts

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SECTION FOUR: Read the items below and respond to how effective/ineffective each is. Rate the effectiveness of each action listed below for dealing with an angry customer who has come to you with a complaint Very Ineffective Somewhat Ineffective Neutral Somewhat Effective Very Effective 31. Asking questions about specific reasons why the customer is upset. 0 0 1 1 2 32. Outlining reasons why the customer’s concern is not right. 2 1 0 0 0 33. Listening to and understanding how the customer feels about the situation. 0 0 1 1 2 34. Asking for the customer’s ideas about how to best deal with the concern. 0 1 1 2 35. Referring the customer to a more experienced co-worker. 0 0 1 1 2 Rate the effectiveness of each action listed below for dealing with a difficult employee. 36. Dropping small hints to let this co-worker know his/her behavior is bothering you. 2 1 1 0 0 37. Talking to other employees about the situation. 2 1 1 0 0 38. Speaking to your supervisor about the co-worker’s attitude at work. 0 0 1 1 2 39. Letting the co-worker know that you are bothered by his/her behavior. 0 0 1 2 2 40. Trying to find out the root causes of the co-worker’s bothersome behavior. 0 0 1 2 2

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