Human Sexuality Assignment

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This stage focus on achieving intimacy and connection vs… Feeling alone and isolated. Mike has entered a new chapter in his life, he is moving away with his girlfriend and they have promised to not date other people. There are extreme pressure in society about long distance relationship that makes it hard and added pressure as a young adult. Mike has to socialize and meet other people so he does not feel alone. During this period of adulthood, sexual exploring occurs with such risky behaviors such as oral sex and intercourse.

The general approach this case would fall under is psychodrama theory. Although drinking was involved and general assumption is it can play an increase factor when deciding to engage sexually, there is a possibility the beers Mike was drinking did not play a role in deciding to invite the female to his dorm. The pressures of the long distance relationship was affecting his girlfriend and she questioned whether things should remain the same. They were going through dyadic withdrawal which is the need for two individuals in an intimate relationship withdraw from others around them.

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Some studies were conducted with young adults in college about alcohol and sex. The biggest findings were most young individuals engage in oral sex and while alcohol can increase sexual interactions, the results showed effects of alcohol were minor. During these early stages of life young adults such as Mike are learning about responsibility and relationships. All relationships they have may change with growth. Important factors to consider during this stage is birth control and other forms of protection. Young adults should be educated and if oral sex is involved dental dams and moods should be used.

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