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How does this relate to the current Job choice since this exercise ended In a self-revelation unbeknownst to me? Regardless of ones personal orientation, effective communication has key elements, which is accountability, professional, brief and sincere (Marques, 2010). Prior to this assignment, If asked about Job choice motivation It appeared that It was to help others; therefore the self-assessment gives a total different view. Persons high in individualism cooperate only under some conditions when there is a benefit to self.

Were you surprised at what you learned, or was It something you already knew? After reading the chapter it surprised me arriving at the higher score of individualist due to the overall emphasis and concern for others depicted by working in a non-profit whose main objective is helping those who cannot help themselves. Cooperative Is not a word that would be used to describe my personality but could be in certain situations. On the other hand, self-views related to conflict, is of acceptance, since it seems to come and go, being an inevitable part of life whether in he business world or at home.

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Growing up there was a lot of conflicts from having a house with nine passionate Italian children. Someone was always arguing and disagreeing which seems natural to me. When looking at the opposite of cooperative, uncooperative could be used. These two polar opposites cause conflict. Therefore, could It be that those who are accepting of conflict may be viewed as uncooperative. Conflict Is related to Issues not people since It Is the difference of pollen causing the conflicting views.

Do you tend to maintain the same orientation most of the time or are there occasions In which you change from one orientation to another? What do you think this means? Maintaining the individualistic orientation is common in most situations yet there are times that other orientations dominate. Generally stating, it is common for me, in most situations to view each person as unique and taking the role of helper. This stems from growing up as the second In line of nine children.

It was also common coming from a big family of mostly boys, to focus on my preference since it seemed OFF brothers were always teasing and name-calling and I was very sensitive. My sisters are 10 and 15 years younger, so there wasn’t an ally for a long time leaving me to not only fend for myself but having five brothers against one sister. When we get together as a large family, the competitor rises to the occasion. Many times we will play music and sing. All of us are competitive when in game mode whether poker or karaoke. The equalizer is another personal orientation that I occasionally identify based on relevant situations.

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