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OH major assignment initiated by VERA in 1995 Standardized ultra-low cost elevator, Nan-cuts amazed C]Sensitive discussions between Annapolis and plan ants in Switzerland, France, & Spain C]Outcome: SOCIO C]landscaped out-source ratio Lionhearted processes never seen in Schneider Crisscrossed supply chain and reduced industry standard leading (20-gawks) to 50% Indian entry project C]Annapolis, assigned by VERA, to work with BCC to I identify suitable local partners after ABLE JP fail De in 1996 C]No suitable candidates found, but 100% whole y owned subsidiary was becoming legally feast able

L]Annapolis spent 9 months with market experts an d local consultants and submitted his BP to IVR C]BP approved in Cot 1997 and Annapolis was offer De the job to of creating Indian subsidiary Why India? Clan 1995, Mr.. Schneider traveled to Asia during 6-months as batting period, to review long-term strategy Cafeteria 3,000 kern travel in 6 was in a small Ford rental I car in India, Mr.. Schneider saw India as a second China will be our Formula One racing track. In the taut o industry, 90% of all innovations are developed for and tee Steed on Formula One cars and then reproduced on a much larger scale and adapted for the mass market. We are test inning things in India-? in isolation and on a fast track -?t hat probably could not be done anywhere else in the com any. The expectation is that what we prove can be adapted d to the rest of the group. ” Annapolis view Call realized that the future manager Of the nee w company would be key to the success oft he business plan I had been working on. 1 was conscious that my early involvement in t he project made me a candidate, so when the offer came, was not surprised. Deep down, I knew I could do it. Comer surprising was the reaction of my head quarters’ colleagues, who thought was razz to take such a high-risk career move the at involved dragging my family to a developing g country. Bonanza’s view there are two possible profiles in a country like India. The first is a young guy who knows the company, people, and products; the second is someone who is 55 years old with grown kids looking for a new challenge.

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L]Mr.. Annapolis knew lots of people. He was open to go new way s. We needed someone who could handle different cult rest. Who was young and flexible. Owe needed to trust the person we sent, and we trusted h IM 100%. And we needed a generalist, not a pure special sit. We needed someone who had courage. Finally, I believe that the people who make the buss news plan should have to realize it. Of course, we alls o needed to have someone who was willing to go.

Relocating to India C]Got stuck in one of the Bib’s elevators on his 1 SST day I n the Delhi office C]errs after family landed the 2-yr-old daughter fell with deep wound requiring stitching under total anesthesia gawks later, my wife got food poisoning which required one week hospitalizing and even threatening miscarry rage the day she came back home my 3-yr-old son fell in h Tool bathroom and broke his front tooth For the only time in my life, I really wondered, whether r I could stand this much longer? C]You can’t set your watch by the Indian trains.

Sometimes even if you say “no,” it’s always ma De to sound like “yes. ” Delhi Iambi , , , Rib…. Mental power development CIT survive in India you need to be half moon k and half warrior. Cinchona is a warrior C] “Driving very hard,” “impulsive,” “impatient,” and at times “eve r-communicative” L] “Gets angry when deadlines are not met” C] “He’s a pretty hard taskmaster” C] Silvia has a lot of energy. C] When he focuses on an issue he manages to get everybody else ‘s focus in hat direction. ” Annapolis will have to work on the monk part.

Annapolis approach of hiring 0″You try to see whether the character of the person is compatible with yours, whether you have a com moon set of values, which in our case range from high ethical standards, integrity, assiduousness to work, and drive. Mostly we were looking for people with the right attitude and energy, not just for elevator people. ” Mr.. Schneider had convinced me that the company really needed a front-line HRS manager who was ca able of developing a first-class organization. COM. K. Sings(Managing Director) 20 , O Annapolis , C] Asked Annapolis ‘Who are your friends, who doesn’t like you CIT.

A. K. Matthews (UP Field Operations) OTIS 9 CLC , “l realized that you don’t have a chance to get involved with a start-up every day! ” C]Ronnie Dante (GM, Engineering) (l OTIS 24 L] Authentic depositories of an unpublished science, one oft he best! Panky Sinai(Head of HRS) Juju than Jean(GOOF) c] P&G( ) Kellogg( ) Team building C]Len the first Schneider India staff meetings held at night, MO SST of those “undercover” sessions were dedicated to educe ting the new team about their new company and building c nonsense around our business plan.

The team was really forged through days of late work, fuel De by the common motivation to see our project succeed. L]Mathews: It’s true that if you look at Silvia, M. K. , and me w e are all very different. At first we had sessions where the discussion would get pulled in every direction, but I think I n the end, it did bring about a balance flout of this interaction emerged a company culture that me peoples described as “informal,” “open,” “responsive,” and “proactive. It was also a lean, efficient organization. Profit analysis In rays life cycle of an elevator: Engineering, Production, Installation: C] 33% of labor. 20% of profit C]Service, Repair, Modernization, Replacement: CLC of labor. Of profit Core elements of BP 1 . Standard Product Strategy the need to sell a focused line of standard pro ducts Suspicious on solo (low-rise) & SAPP (mid-rise) C]Differentiated sales and service. Account man cement concept with only One single hassle-free e window 2.

Outsource Strategy C]The ability to outsource key manufacturing an d logistics functions AID competitors manufactured locally. L]Schneider India owns no in-house production, no centralized assembly, no logistics infrastructure C]SOCIO (Swatch project), 90% C]Maintenance stays in Schneider India Business Challenges Annapolis , Annapolis so 1) soon 30%, A 456%), Annapolis Discussion Questions This case study is about….. C]How would you evaluate Silo’s first seven moon this as general manager of the Indian company? C]What are his achievements? , That concerns do you have? Technical Director Schneider OPAC Left in 2004 TAKE Consultant oft in 2003 Managing Schneider S. Africa UP & GOOF Schneider N. America Sows Silvia the right choice for general manage ere of Schneider India operations? Fife , , , 15 , , , ; Three major roles of a country manager 1. Bicameral Interpreter 2. National Defender & Advocate 3. Frontline Implementer of Corporate Strategy Annapolis experience in India CEO Mr.. Schneider “This job requires high energy and courage. It’s a battlefield experience.

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