Salary Negotiation Assignment

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* Choose negotiation you are likely to participate in, the near future & answer the following questions 1. What is that you really want? 2. Why will other side admit it is legitimate? 3. How will you communicate/relate? 4. Why will other participant say Yes why No? 5. Why will agreement go your Way? Negotiation I am likely to participate in the near future: As within the next six months, I would be completing the Executive MBA course, I would like to pursue a role, which is more inclined towards the business.

To do so, I need to negotiate with my leadership team on my future career path. What I really want: I want to be a business Analyst so that I can apply both, my vast experience as a technologist and my learning from MBA, not only to give a new dimension to my career but also to serve better to my organisation. Why will other side admit it is legitimate? My leadership has invested heavily on me by allowing me to pursue Executive MBA.

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The investments are not only the refund of fees on completion of the course; it is also the time (around 60 days) on campus and the time spent at office to do the application assignments. How will you communicate/relate? Objective of any negotiation is: * Wise Agreement – which is beneficial to both the sides? * Efficient – How less time you take to reach the agreement. * Amicable – Relationships should not get strained. I would start the conversation with a positive mindset.

I will put across all the positive points and negate the interesting points. This would help us to concentrate on the common interest rather than on conflicts. Once the tone of the discussion is set, I will make the first offer by putting across the points like * Amount of investment the firm has done on me. * What kind of knowledge I have acquired while pursuing MBA. * What applications I have done using that knowledge. * Help build long lasting mutually benefiting relationship. * Amount of motivation that other employees will get.

I will put across my expectations that will be just outside the ZOPA (Zone of Possible Agreements which is identified at the Signalling and Surfacing stage) of the leadership team. Valid returns would be asked for each concession the leadership team seeks. For any kind of pressure tactics, I would remain patient in that point and sought to buy time. I need to give special attention not to get anchored or framed and remain clear on my objectives. I will concentrate on the Circle of Influence over which I have control and not the Circle of Concern over which I have no control.

Based on the outcome of the discussion, I will either bring a logical end to the discussion to buy some time or if everything seems to work on my way than would take Action Forcing Events approach by discussing post change issues. Why will other participant say Yes why No? Leadership team will say, “Yes” because of: * The value addition to the firm. * Return on investment. * Mutually benefiting long-term relationship. Why will agreement go your Way? The agreement will go my way because of the common interests, which are far too more than the conflicts.

In fact both the possible reasons of the conflict can be effectively tackled: * Vacant position can be sought in other verticals, and with the combined entity of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, there are many options to look at. * My manager would not like to relieve me from my duties due to the fact that I perform my job with very high standards. After looking at the growth prospects of mine, my team-members would be inclined to perform their job with more dedication. With proper knowledge transfer, a good replacement to my existing position can be developed.

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