Role of media in building customer relatioship Assignment

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Assignment New Media Role One responsibility of the media to ensure a fair and accurate information and impartial reporting system. A set of codes of conduct is necessary to maintain professional standards and media. Everyone in the organization must satisfy the rule with a sense of responsibility, equality and responsibility. Information ethics is not just a question of values written by the broadcasters, should be practiced in their daily operations Obviously the new media plays a vital role in today’s arrays which involves online marketing , social media , blobbing and any other medium that is elated to internet .

Now a days people are very much attracted towards internet . In united states more than 60% of the people have been interacted towards this medium as they prefer their buying and selling through online medium . Any news that has been covered up they went on and log onto their social media forums and get aware of it. People are exaggerating their thoughts and desires in terms of this medium . Like the more they expand the more likely they are attracted towards it in terms of their knowledge , shopping, entertainment and getting some vast information what’s going on.

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Now if we talk about Globalizes community networks and self-determined, which is similar to what we do in real life. People in communities exchange happiness and argue, participate , conduct commerce, and to develop plans, brainstorming, gossip, and the creation of high art little or a lot of talk make the computer a second car, find a soul in the machine, and can replace human relationship The new media has the potential of interacting with other like-minded in all parts of the world.

While this approach implies that the unit technology – and therefore a factor In the recess of globalization, and frowned arguments relating to technological is generally the media’s main studio focus instead on academics multiplicity of processes funded technology, researched at work, forming a feedback loop when techniques are used and often transformed by the user, which is then placed in the routing process of development in the future. Traditional Media However traditional media has its own impact in connecting with the people and it is still playing a crucial role in today’s array .

It has the ability to reach millions of people at a time and having a great impact in the society. Television and Radio became influential in people’s daily life and work, affecting the content and audience time to watch and listen. This media has at least three important role to play: to inform, to educate and to influence opinion. The unique characteristics of traditional media is being challenged by new media, which is changing the habits of audience participation. Published on TV and Radio having a strong influence on the people .

It enables people to participate in the event and interact with the community over a long stance. One only needs to think of democratic elections, World Cup soccer and royal wedding to appreciate the intensity with which people can share these events. TV, radio and newspapers bring the outside world into our homes. The broadcast time of the program set out routine of life indoors. Their content gives viewers and listeners with something to talk about for days. Traditional media has served as a colleague as well as a valuable source of information for the audience.

Limitation and Advantages New media should extend collaboration with its various mediums in order to ensure hat it does create some good impact over the people in terms of its relations and having a longer building relationship. For a stronger customer relationship reaching the station’s broadcast is limited by the reference group, while the online broadcast coverage is available elsewhere on the Internet is available. There are no limits. It is traditional broadcast media for free. Then pay TV came along to change the model by entering the narrow paying customers.

Internet has taken a narrow step further by targeting small groups and individuals. TV networks are now eager to create the site to help with the loss of removal audience. And online media are having a hard time differentiating themselves from their competitors. Because of this, the media sites are becoming aware of the brand to incite the masses to find each other. Yahoo and Google working with news agencies set up to provide news and information to its users. Brands with reputable agencies helps to enhance the image of credibility and trust. On the negative side, often consigned local content for local audiences to take a back seat.

It requires accountability. All this emphasizes the need for the media to communicate clearly and evenly in a timely manner, and access to stakeholders. It also makes it more important for the technology and techniques that can be used effectively for new ones. Promotion of capacity building through training and workshops to upgrade the expertise of professionals in the RTFM. Professionalism in the station plays a major role in resistance to external influences. Also, consideration should be given to hire external expertise known to be punctual.

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