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Introduction Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, media generally plays an Important role In Information broadcast all over the world (Paul, 2007). It Is objectively response the society which effectively made the life clearly (Shaken, Chris, 2003). At the same time, today in most of countries, the power of media is more and more obvious. It can not only criticize the bad social forces, but also help the weak.

However, although the enormous power of media has some advantages, it also has mom disadvantage; the real report of media would reflect many ugly phenomenon which made mass people breeding the pessimism emotion. Also with the enormous power of media, It brings lots of malicious speculation event (Blond. 2000). This essay wants to analyze this problem, through contrast the advantage and disadvantage brought by media, then combined the analysis, the essay will give corresponding conclusion. 2. Body In Australia, the mall media tools are the newspaper, broadcast, television and internet.

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With the popularity of the computer, in most of the countries, internet has come the important media to propagate the information. There are numerous advantages brought by the media which will be detail analyzed in the following. Media can call on the help from people all over the world. Through the well know the news propagated by the media; people can get the news all over the world (Sitar, Huber, 2009) It can be Illustrated from some examples, In the 2008, In china, the big earthquake happened In Chuan province which destroyed the entire city of Henchman.

Through the news report of media in Australia, Australians know the bad sews in china; meanwhile, the media broadcast the miserably conditions after the earthquake which calls the pity of the people all over the world. They provide the help to the earthquake victims. Everyday at that time, it can be hear from the television, china had got the donation from other countries. The media call on the help from the people all over the world which made the world full of love. Also, nowadays, many unfair have occurred in the society which made some people get the hurt.

The boss press the stuff, the consumers is being cheated by the manufactures, Hess similar events has happen frequently all over the world, at this time, the media also played an important role, and it calls the help from the people. Through the media reports, it effectively calls the help of the force of public opinion and prevents the unfair event (Lowlier, Scanners, 1994). Except call on the help of mass people, media also brings the advantage of against the force of evil.

It not only broadcast the bad phenomenon of Australia in some aspect, through the broadcast, it effectively made people get the information quickly (Charles, Cheryl, 2008). The enormous power of against the forces of evil can not be ignored. It can be illustrated from an example, although nowadays, the entire world stability of the social. In order to maintain the peace and stability, the media has played an important role. Once the society has the force to violate the peace, the media all over the world will go hand in hand to call the people all over the world to against the force.

Also, through the media, it effectively helps the relevant apartment to against the evil, for example, the media can release the criminal’s photos and information which would help the police to detection the crime. It utilizes the force of mass people to against the force of evil and maintains the stability and unity of the society. As is known, MONGO is a beneficial organization to the society. Today, with the combination of media, the MONGO service the society well (Sundae, 2010). It can be said that the development of MONGO can not leave away from the media. It is also one of an advantages which brought by the media.

Every year, MONGO has made enormous contribution to the environment protection, love fund collection and orphan care. Due to lack of money, MONGO can not enlarge the scale and power before. What is more the volunteer is so little. With the combination of media, the MONGO developed a lot, the media made many people recognize the importance and Join the MONGO. It effectively promotes the environment protection and other public welfare. The advantages brought by of media in this aspect can not be measured. In fact, the disadvantages brought by the media can be ignored in contrast with advantages.

The main disadvantages are in the follow. Every coin has two sides, although enormous power of media brought lots of advantage to the society, it also brought some disadvantage. The most obvious is that media made the society become so transparent that it has no privacy. Through the internet, the media made the privacy publicity, it can be seen frequently that the private life of famous stars and the leaders of the country can be exposed by the media. At the same time, although some of the negative news broadcasted by the media threat the development of some organizations.

Due to the enormous power of media, some people utilize the media to malicious. The false advertising is a typical example. It uses the power of media to publication of false information (Ganges, David, Villas- Boas, 2005). Through the promotion of media, people get the false information and being cheated by it. These malicious speculation events had happen frequently in Australia and other countries all over the world which made many people deceived. What is more, through the media, many people who wants to be famous speculate himself which also brought the negative effect to the society.

Through the analysis above, it can be found in contrast with advantages brought by the media, equidistant is not worth mentioning. Through the media, every year, it helped numerous students who can not pay for the tuition can continue study. Through the media, when one country encounters the nature disaster, more countries can know the news through the media and through the media’s calling on, many people all over the world have lending a helping hand. Through the media, when the crime threats the society, the media can quickly broadcast the information which helps to maintain and other countries (Neal, Andre, Make, Mark, 2010).

It services the society in many aspects; people can get the new through the media quickly at home. It can be said that nowadays the life can not leave without the media. (“Media Research”, n. D. ). Although the disadvantages brought by media have increased the trouble of some people, but to most of people, the important role can not be ignored. ( Shirley, 2009). For most people, when they encounter the unfair event or need the help from society, media is an effectively tool. Also, the media utilized the public opinion to maintain the peace of the world, promote the development of the world.

What is more media add great contribution to the development of MONGO, which also beneficial the society to some extent. It can not be image that if the country has no media, the news can not propagate. People can not know what happened in other place, the life would be very occlusion. The good things can not be promoted and bad things can not be prevented effectively. Therefore, although the media brought the disadvantage to the society which hurt the interest of some people, it can be ignore in contrast to the advantage. So it can be said that the advantage brought by the media outweigh the disadvantage.

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