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Late assignments will not be accepted. You must submit to me the names, student numbers, and contact information (phone and e-mail) for each group member. Give some thought as to who you want to work with in your group. Up to 30% or more of the grade for your group assignments can be apportioned based on the quality of the writing/presentation. There are usually novo deliverables associated with each group assignment. First, you need to submit to me a Power Point file, with no fewer than ten and no more than twenty slides, including the title page.

Second, where applicable, you will submit to me a file with one or more Excel worksheets that support the work in your Power Point file. If there is no need for an Excel file, your power point submission will constitute the full value of the week’s group submission. Otherwise, the Power Point file and the Excel file will be of equal value. Submissions will be made electronically in the Assignments Folder on Blackboard. Individual Case Write-ups Everyone will submit their own executive summary of the case by midnight of the Tuesday night of the week in which we are going over that case.

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Write-ups will be in “Word”, will be two pages in length or less, and will define the main issue, your analysis of the main issue, and the resolution(s) thou recommend. Secondary issues, risk management issues, etc. May be addressed if there is space available. Submissions will be made electronically in the Assignments Folder on Blackboard. Your individual submissions will be due at the same time as your roof submissions for a particular case, midnight of the Tuesday night of the week in which we are going over a case. Late assignments will not be accepted.

All individual case write-ups will have to be submitted to Turning. Com. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. You will receive a failing grade in the course if you are caught cheating, as well as a Disciplinary Notice in your academic record. Even if students do not receive a failing grade, students may receive a substantial penalty on their work if they have engaged in plagiarism or other academic misconduct. In addition, students will not be allowed to drop the ours in the case of academic misconduct. Only two of the five individual submissions will be graded.

Each will be worth 5% of your grade. You will received feedback on both of your individual submissions but you will only receive feedback during the semester on your first graded submission. You can receive feedback after the last week Of the course on your second graded submission. You will only know which submissions have been graded after you receive the feedback back. Apple Labs. (10%) There are a total of five Apple labs worth 2% each for a total of 10% of your grade. They are due by Tuesday night, 11:45 of the week in which the material is first covered in class.

For example, Mergers and Acquisitions is first covered in week 8 (class 7) of the course, so the Apple lab on M;A will be due by the Tuesday night of the eighth week of the course. Please note that there is one exception to this rule. The first Apple lab on the cost of capital will be due on the Tuesday night of the third week of class, not the Tuesday night of the second week of class. Detailed deadlines for the labs are posted at the Apple website. Each of the labs covers material that students will be covering in class and in the homework.

It will give you the opportunity to measure your progress in understanding the material. The students highest score for any lab will be the one recorded for grading purposes. You may make a maximum of THREE attempts at any Apple question/page. Each lab contains a number of questions. However, after the due date has passed, students will not be able to make any additional attempts at the labs for marks. Alternative to Apple Labs (10%) You are not required to complete the Apple Labs. Asana alternative, you can choose to write three quizzes spaced throughout the semester. Each quiz will be worth 3. 3% of your grade.

Each quiz will be 30 minutes in length, and each will be scheduled at 6:00 P. M. On Friday night, on the 4th, 8th, and 12th regularly scheduled Fridays of the semester. Accounting for Reading week in the Fall or Winter semesters, the actual weeks will be the 4th, 9th, and 13th weeks of the semester. Appropriate adjustments will be made for the Spring/Summer semester. The format can be any combination of multiple choice, short answer, essay or case format. The room number will be supplied to you at least four days in advance of writing. Please note that the room number will probably not be he room in which you take your class.

The material covered in each quiz can include any of the material covered up to that point in the course. If a student misses a quiz and has a properly completed medical certificate the student may transfer the weight of the missed quiz or quizzes to the next quiz. In the event that a student misses the third quiz, he/she may transfer the weight of the missed quiz or quizzes to the exam, assuming that the proper medical documentation has been submitted. The absence of proper medical documentation will result in a grade of O for the weight assigned to that quiz.

If you wish to choose this alternative to Apple, you must inform your instructor via e-mail no later than the third Friday of the semester. If you have not done so by that time, you will have forgone your opportunity to choose this alternative. Using Apple has the following advantages over an alternative to Apple: It is accessible on any computer with internet access, 24/7. It provides the ability to complete homework assignments online, allowing 3 attempts at the assignment. It provides feedback to help you learn as you complete your homework.

Any and all material covered in class will be examinable, as will any and all eternal assigned from the reading materials that are not covered in class. The exam is comprehensive, covering the material from the entire course. The regularly scheduled exam can be any combination of essay, case, short answer, true/false or multiple choice questions. Please note that there will be lots of reading material assigned that cannot be covered in class, due to time constraints, and conversely, that some of the material covered in class will not be covered in the assigned readings.

In addition, specific Apple questions or Apple style questions may be used on the exam. The exam is closed book. However, you will be able to use one note sheet, 8. 5 * 11 inches. You may use the back and the front of the note sheet. You will not be supplied with this sheet. You will be responsible for preparing it on your own. Students are allowed to have whatever they want on their note sheet. The note sheet does NOT have to be handwritten. Regulations concerning conduct during tests and exams are contained in the Code of Student Conduct and the Reason Calendar.

A make-up exam will also be given to students who do not attend the exam due to illness, if they produce the necessary documentation within the accessory time frame and if they contact me by e-mail prior to or at the time of the exam to notify me. Please see below for formal procedures to be followed. More generally, please contact me as soon as you recognize that you may be having problems with the course. Maybe I can help or offer some guidance. Please note that make-up exams maybe any combination of formats (case, essay, short answer, fill in the blank, essay, multiple choice, etc. ).

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