Rhetoric and Critical Thinking Assignment

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As I was contemplating about what my views are on critical and rhetorical thinking, I found myself struggling with forming my opinions on the subject. In my experience, I have always been taught in depth about what critical thinking is, but never rhetorical thinking. Rhetorical thinking deals with using a persuasive use of language by appealing to emotion. Critical thinking is about engaging in reflective and independent thinking. Do people speak differently with friends than they do with teachers? Yes, they do.

They craft a persona that will enthrall their audience based n whom they are speaking with, and what the situation is during the conversation; for example, a Job interview. The way someone presents himself in an interview is not the way he would act around his friends. He is better mannered, alert, his voice and tone changes, and he tries to exhibit himself as the perfect person for the Job; he is thinking rhetorically. Business majors often study rhetorical philosophies in order to understand, discover, and develop arguments for certain situations.

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They want to learn how to accommodate their persona to whatever communication situation they might encounter by appealing to their customer’s emotions. Thinking rhetorically can have disadvantages. For example, as someone is observing the setting, he is generalizing the situation by applying preconceived ideas or Judgments. He does this by using whatever evidence he sees, which may not always be true, ending up with the wrong conclusions.

Critical thinking is not about being critical off topic or someone, but is rather about examining the situation in a disciplined way, identifying key points and connecting them together between ideas, and building arguments to devise the best outcome after scrutinizing the facts. In depth questions during concussions can improve critical thinking skills because they require a person to use what he already knows. This way of thinking can help enhance his work process, strengthen his arguments, and solve many problems with his own knowledge, thus becoming self-reliant.

Families use critical thinking when deciding which movie to watch when going to the theaters. Is the rating appropriate? What’s the best show time? What type refreshments will they buy? Which in my personal experience always ends up being a no to the delicious and buttery popcorn. My father prefers his own insipid homemade popcorn, which he eagerly shares with everyone. People do not regularly practice critical thinking skills on controversial topics, and it has become a problem.

Newspapers, news channels, social and Internet interactions, constantly bombards society with misleading, biased, or inaccurate information. They often receive opinions on many subjects from different sources, and as a result, they do not take the time to seek out their own views on those topics. Up until this assignment I was unaware of how often we think rhetorically and critically; I Just never connected it with a name. We practice rhetorical thinking by shifting from one persona to the ext, depending on whom the audience is by appealing to their emotions.

The same applies to online interactions, such as Backbone and instant messaging; we sound completely different and work hard to develop those personalities to win the publics favor. Critical thinking is the key to unlocking intellectual independence. It leaves us eager and willing to discover the solutions to problems for ourselves and is an acceptance to personal responsibility Practicing critical thinking skills more oaten on topics that matter can affect lives and influence the world. Discussing Mile Cirrus’s trekking does not count as a life-changing topic.

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