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Trends Demographics Demographics are current statistical characteristics of a population. These types of data are used widely in sociology, public policy, and marketing. Commonly examined demographics include gender, race, age, disabilities, mobility, home ownership, employment status, and even location. Demographics changes will significantly affect restaurant design, as aging boomers enter an era of changing physical abilities and their offspring, alternately called the echo generation, become active restaurant customers with their own design preferences.

They not Just regard on taste of the food, they also regard on environment of restaurant. Furthermore, changing households in Malaysia also can affect the restaurant. Traditionally, Malaysian households’ consists of married couples with a working husband, non-working wife and their children. On the other hand the nontraditional household comprising of working wife households, single parent household and household of multiple adult without live at home are increasing. The traditional household would have their meals at home and the non-traditional one would have it away from home.

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In light of he changing structure of the households, the growth in ready meals and pre- packaged foods has pushed up spending on food. Thus families are eating out more either at fast-food restaurants as well as traditional restaurants. Income level also is a factor of demographics which can affect the restaurant. For example, high level income will be consume in fine dining, however, lower level income family will be consume at hawker. So, the types of restaurant at an area must depend on the demographics of that area.

Branding Branding is a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended o identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. Branding is marketing technique that uses messages and designs, such as logos and symbols, to promote awareness of and loyalty to your restaurant’s brand. The key for effective branding is to implement a consistent creative marketing concept. When developing restaurant’s branding techniques, must consider target market, consistency of appearance and message.

Restaurant’s design concept should match with target market. For example, if the argue market of restaurant is generation Y, should choose a special design because generation Y like to try a new thing, such as theme restaurant like Robot Run Restaurants. Make sure restaurant advertisement, signs, menu, and interior decorating all use similar design to encourage customers to strongly associate restaurant such as Clinic CafeГ© which is a hospital themed restaurant. The interior decorating and utensils all is hospital concept such as ketchup comes in a syringe. A cohesive and unique branding will make restaurant stand out.

By creating a consistent and cohesive design concept for restaurant marketing materials an interior and exterior restaurant design, can help customers remember the brand and the experience they had at this restaurant. Alternative outlet replacement outlet. Alternative outlet became an important factor to attractive customer. Location alternative outlet must be convenient for consumer because most of the customer want get the food at the shortest time. For example, McDonald’s has a lot of outlet at different places to spread the business such as Brazil where is the first outlet in South America, Turkey where stated at Middle East and other.

McDonald’s has local identity at different places to attract consumer. Thus, alternative outlet becomes one of the factors to consider in supply chains. Before alternative outlet, we must ensure our marketing target such as child, student, senior or others. If restaurant marketing target is businessman or business traveler, restaurant’s location must nearby commercial district or downtown such as Struck. There also has a lot of aspects need to consider before choose an outlet location such as transportation, commercial area, economic, the intensity of competition, extent of public facilities and so on.

These will become the elements which can impact to success of a restaurant. Globalization Globalization, the expanding phenomenon that’s leading the world to a more unified economy and culture, means more opportunity and better economic growth that can restructure weaker economies to help achieve the end of poverty. Last few years, fast food such as McDonald’s, KEF, Pizza Hut became factor of globalization but fast food caused obesity became a global problem. After this, health became one of the important issues. Therefore, healthy concept of restaurant became a trend.

For example, McDonald’s will open a meat-free restaurant (vegetarian-only) in India because many Indians are vegetarian. The technological development especially internet technology also caused development restaurant in future. Some of the restaurant can order or booking through internet which can help them save the time. Rather than having to call in, a few quick clicks allow customers to place their order. Furthermore, ego-location services are another type of new technology. Customer using their smart phones, they are able to “check-in” to particular establishments.

Once they check-in, social media sites, like faceable, tell that person’s friends where they are. For example, their friends can easy to detect where location of the saturate and what is the distinguishing feature of the restaurant. It is because the advancement of technology which had been leaded the new generation to era of civilization. The types of restaurant which people like to choose or dining also can search it before going the real restaurant. Peoples can selected the restaurant or choose a restaurant under the recommendation or opinion of their friends who had been go to the restaurant.

It is quite easy for new generation to survey restaurant which had been choosing properly and decrease the unsatisfactory of them. Continued diversification of restaurant Diversification of hospitality organization into the restaurant sectors can be viewed as “concentric” when the customer base is similar and the organization utilizes its proven strengths in the hospitality business to secure the appropriate competitive position in related industries. Diversification restaurant is a form of restaurant’s growth strategy.

A related strategy is adding or expanding exist products, services or markets. For example, restaurant Talented which is a restaurant in Paris that had been founded in 1946 by AndГ© Varian and is currently owned by the Gardening family. Hop is under the direction of VialГ©rinse Variant who began to work for Talented the same year. In 2001, Talented restaurant opened another restaurant Langue du Barbour which located at Paris. In addition, Jean-Claude Variant decorated the restaurant with contemporary art in 2004 and in 2005 the caves Talented opened a wine shop at Tokyo, Japan.

In June 2006, Jean-Claude Variant launched a blob in order to share his art-of-cooking experiences. The same year, a wine shop Less Caves Talented opened in Paris. (table) Thus, add new and special restaurants are requiring to continued diversification of restaurants. For instance, Ferris wheel restaurant can try to open for seeking for a unique or special dining experience. Even though the Ferris wheel restaurant still have not really exists in this world. Moreover, different types of theme restaurant also can increase the fun of dining and fetch up the satisfaction of dining of people.

As an example, restaurant ‘dinner in the air’ which dinner at a table suspended 50 meters above the ground is certainly a unique experience in the world. The company “Dinner in the sky’ offers an opportunity to stand on a raised platform based on cost above 8,000 euros. Secondly, Volcanic Kitchen which is a restaurant that internal heat emanating from the earth itself takes advantage of Timpanist Devil. It located in the National Park. Third example is restaurant Underwater Eating which design by simulating giant waves.

However, it is the feeling of being in the ocean the most surprising to those who are preparing to dive into the huge aquarium Oceanographic circular restaurant in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valence. Example continuous is Thai Undersea Restaurant which dining at 5 meters below sea level in Thai, the underwater restaurant Conrad Maldives resort. The restaurant which is 5 meters wide by 9 long has a capacity for 14 people. It is coated with acrylic glass and enabling the client has a privileged view of corals and marine species. Another example of unique theme restaurant is restaurant Forefeet Medical with concept “dinner in Jail”.

This unusual restaurant is located inside the maximum security prison Forefeet Medici in Italy. For access the restaurant people have to go beyond the walls of the imposing medieval fortress and go through a metal detector. The last example is restaurant Amino with the restaurant’s concept ‘New Technologies on the table. Restaurant Amino is a pioneering Oriental fusion restaurant where is control orders in your hands. The restaurant features an interactive assignment which consists of an illustrated menu of food and drink projected on the table of diners.

Any explicit efforts to diversify their interests in restaurant can be remains whether diversification of restaurant will once again become a significant issue in corporate development of restaurant industry in future years. More twin and multiple locations More twin and multiple locations can increase the visibility and popularity of the saturate. Nowadays, same branding restaurant which located at different locations with the same concept is seen as the best publicity of restaurant. Restaurant with different locations also can known as branches of restaurant.

The most common restaurant with more twins and multiple locations is fast food restaurant such as McDonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KEF), Pizza Hut, Burger King, subway and so on. For example, McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain in this generation. It is serving 47 million customers each day in more than 31,000 restaurants in 119 customers and increase their confidence to dine in this restaurant because it is reliable. In addition, customers who are like to save time can easy get to the restaurant if location of restaurant is multiple.

It is very in accordance with trend and lifestyle of new generation now which are seeking for convenient and faster. Thus, multi locations of restaurant only can bring advantages to own restaurant. More points of service in restaurant More points of service in restaurant is define as a feature of an insurance plan of restaurant that allows a customer to choose to go to whichever restaurant is most invention, although the cost will vary depending upon which option the customer had been choose. In fact, many points of service can provide from a restaurant.

For example, restaurant can give a chance to get a free meal if the customer can finish a dish in a limited time. It is very interesting and challenging to having a meal in the restaurant because not only orders to fill the stomach. Restaurant which have run under this concept include Big Texan Steak Ranch, Country Squire Inn, Kooky Snuck, Burger Shack and others. Next, there are some restaurant run as 24 hours and provide delivery services for convenience of customers. These types of restaurants are also furnished the online order service for the sake of their customers.

The best example of this type of point service restaurant is fast-food restaurant. Furthermore, some restaurant also offer some unique point service such as different language speaking staff, good hierarchy of organization, professional, qualified and well organized staff and so on. For instance, Queen’s Donation Bali which located in Indonesia is the most popular and well loved chain of Indian. The Queen’s Donation Bali has a motto which is to welcome every individual diner into our family of Indian cuisine lovers and to exceed their expectations by delivering unassailable quality of product and level of service.

The unique points service of Queen’s Donation Bali are Indian Chefs, Indian Atmosphere, English speaking staff, spacious parking with self recruited security guards, prepare dish by using all the raw materials from India and quality food & beverage products as well as services. Another else points of service in restaurant are including flexible rewards like instant discounts, gift card credit and “bounce-back vouchers” to increase the customer’s satisfaction. Points of services like his can very attractive customers to come the restaurant for consumption.

The variety of game like book, magazine, toy brick, cards NUN, chess and others can be provide in the corner of restaurant to wear out the boring time or relaxing. Besides, the restaurant should 1 achieve the service of refill water after customers finish their water already. This can improve the impression of customers toward restaurant and take care of fame restaurant. Last, restaurant should adjust the time of serving dish for customers because the trend of new generation almost based on “quick and fast. ”

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