Fast Food vs. Sit Down Assignment

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Greenberg Interpersonal Communication For this assignment I chose McDonald’s and Applause’s. In McDonald’s it is obviously busier than Applause’s as far as people who come in Just to order food-to-go. Also, you have some people who meet Just to eat and have play dates with their children. McDonald’s usually has a play area for children so there are always children everywhere. The seating is on a first come first serve basis with hard plastic chairs and booths. Applause’s on the other hand is a little more relaxed.

You can usually enjoy a quite meal with your family or friends without all the hustle and bustle that McDonald’s has. The seating is a lot more comfortable with cushion seating and a hostess to seat you. These restaurants differ because obviously one is a fast-food restaurant which meaner exactly that, you’re going to get your food fast so being comfortable isn’t’ always an issue. In the sit-down restaurant like Applause’s they take more time to prepare your food therefore they want you to be comfortable.

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One of the norms at Applause’s would have to be you have to tip the waiter/waitress. In almost al sit-down restaurants you have to leave a tip but it is because you don’t ever have to leave your seat to get anything they bring it to you. Although this is a social norm and you would not go to Jail as if it was a formal norm but it is a norm in today’s society. The waiter/waitress brings everything to you like condiments, drinks, napkins, etc. Versus a fast-food restaurant you have to get up and get them yourself.

So tipping someone at a fast-food restaurant would be odd but not completely inappropriate. It would Just not be a norm in our society. However, trying to order our food at the counter or hostess stand at Applause’s would be inappropriate but not at McDonald’s. If you tried to order your food at the counter or hostess stand at Applause’s they would politely ask you to be seated and a waiter/waitress will be with you shortly to take your order.

The design of the building helps a lot in communicating these norms because at McDonald’s its wide open, the counter is visible, and the workers are ready to take your order with the full menu above the counter. Whereas Applause’s you don’t really get a whole view of the restaurant when o first walk in you are greeted by the hostess at the hostess stand and instead of a counter there are waiters and waitresses walking around receiving orders and delivering food.

Normally there are no customers walking around unless they are going to the restroom or are Just being seated. Two ways these norms are communicated and enforced are simple. When you walk into McDonald’s there is no one to greet you however there is a counter with workers behind it ready to take your order off of the big menu hanging above them. In Applause’s there is a hostess ready to seat you and to tell you your waiter/ waitress will be with you shortly.

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