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The modern globalization has evolved organizations development to manage successful sustainability and planning of work design. Work design entails of activities such as Job distribution, coordination, direction and management, which are focused towards the accomplishment of organizational objectives. This study helps in identifying and analyzes various types of work design that are being used at workplace. In this study the organization’s name, its products and services, size of organization and a brief description of what is work design shall be included to give association to the explained points.

This analysis shall provide detailed and very clear covering description of the work design that includes its advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of the study is to analyses organization’s various types of work design and its development plan. The study has analyzed the several work design factors that enable to assess the required facts. The study analyzes the development programs in work design as it increases the employees’ skills which successively add to the advance of an organization. The study also defines the challenges related to implementing effective work design methods to quality succession at workplace.

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The study shall also analyze management scope that covers each department approach, its strengths, and classifies their character in the work design improvement process. The study is intended to validate the strength as well as weakness faced by an organization in revolutionize new work design strategies. The case study for this work design assignment was conducted at Zurich Insurance Malaysia to analyze several methods that offers work design improvement steps. The strategy specifies on a complete viewpoint in the context work design. The study covers balanced references which have been systematically explained.

The following are types of products and services offered by Zurich. 0 Life Insurance Zurich helps customers feel confident about their financial future by offering leading life insurance, savings, investment and pension solutions distributed by our extensive life agency sales force. 0 Investment-Linked 0 Individual Life 0 Group Life 0 Healthcare 0 Personal Accident 0 Single Premium Plan 0 General Insurance We provide a variety of motor, home and commercial products and services for individuals, as well as for small and large businesses through our agent and brokers distribution network.

Property Insurance 0 Pecuniary 0 Motor Insurance Engineering 0 Surety & Guarantee 0 Marine 0 Financial Lines 0 Liability 0 Personal Accident 0 Healthcare 0 Foreign Worker Schemes 3 WORK DESIGN Defining Work Design through Literature Review Beeline, Meredith, Barrier Watson, and Cindy West (1997) have claimed that work design is a procedure that comprises Judgments through several key operation management elements. They have claimed that work design is applied when managers develop or transform organizational design to suit the changes and needs of management style (p. 1). Gary Desire and Tan Chew Hat (2009) stated that the elements in work design consists of Job rotation, Job enrichment, Job enlargement, work specialization, organization structure, chain of command, span of control, centralization or decentralization, and Job characteristics (p. 81). They have further enhanced that the concepts presented include skill variety, role identity, Job feedback, Job significance, accountability, empowerment, autonomy, knowledge, emotional identity, and social identity.

According to their statement, the elements are interrelated and interdependent (p. 76). Gardner (1999) stated that poor work design and structure outcomes several management contradictions such as misunderstanding within responsibility, failure to share ideas, lack of functional co-ordination, slow decision-making, unnecessary complication, pressure, and conflict (p. 213). Gerald Greenberg, Robert A. Baron, (2007) added that an obsolete work design results unnecessary uncertainty and lack of accountability (p. 137).

Plowman Michele McCullough (2010) has described that when work design strategy changes, roles and functions must be readjusted with the new workplace objectives (p. 65). Raymond A. None, John R. Hollowness, Barry Gerhard, Patrick pointed UT that work design revolves on the roles and responsibilities they accomplish, as well as the approaches that are used to complete their work (p. 331). Gardner (1999) has claimed that different types of work design results challenges as management have to form a positive employee relationship at workplace (p. 12). Slowly, Eagle, Krause & Singer (1997) have further claimed that accountability can only be attained by guaranteeing employees are contented and inspired with the organization’s work design (p. 1 15). Brandon Torpor (1996) study summarized that organizations that overlook effective work design performance can lead to further performance declines (p. 57). The author has supported that work design provides relationship between workplace satisfaction, its positive outcomes of workplace design based on theoretical review of research (p. 8). 4 3. 0 This study shall carry extensive research on the four key elements of work design notably Job enlargement, Job enrichment, Job rotation and work specialization as it forms the required validation on the study. This section shall identify and summarize the definition and understanding as per researched by several authors. . 1 Job Enlargement Gary Desire and Tan Chew Hat (2009) have defined Job enlargement as collective quantity of different tasks in a given Job by shifting the division of employees.

The authors have claimed that Job enlargement is assigning employees’ additional same- level activities thus increasing the number of activities they perform (p. 88). Brandon Torpor (1996) has claimed that Job enlargement shall increase the choice of responsibilities performed thus making them occupied (p. 93). Slowly, Eagle, Krause & Singer (1997) has added that Job enlargement is a Job design method in which an increase in the number of responsibilities connected with a task (p. 138). They have summarized that Job enlargement can be undertaken as an increase of Job scope on employees’ roles and responsibilities at workplace (p. 38). 3. 2 Job Enrichment Brandon Torpor (1996) described that Job enrichment as a restructuring tool to the tasks that creates the opening for employees to experience accountability growth, accomplishments and appreciation (p. 97). Gary Desire and Tan Chew Hat (2009) defined Job enrichment meaner to redesign tasks and increase opportunities for employees’ to familiarize the responsibility (p. 8). The above authors have similar definition and understanding. Their definition is enriched with the initial findings done by Frederick Herbert (1968).

He stated that Job enrichment is a management concept that involves redesigning Jobs so that they are more challenging to the employee and have less repetitive work. He enhanced that to increase employees’ motivation, responsibilities should be adjusted to surge the influences for the employee. 3. 4 Work Specialization Raymond A. None, John R. Hollowness, Barry Gerhard, Patrick has stated that work specialization is described as the the amount to which responsibilities are Illustrated Into Uninominal Sods (p. Specialization is 5 eye AAA Tanat ten purpose AT work that an entire Job is not done by one individual at an organization. The authors expanded that work specialization is categorized into several steps with a different assigned employee that shall complete each step (p. 336). Gary Desire and Tan Chew Hat (2009) claims that employees’ specifically focused on one designated area or roles at workplace rather than involving in all the process of productivity (p. Job Rotation Gary Desire and Tan Chew Hat (2009) defined Job rotation is defined as moving employees’ from one Job to another.

They have also claimed that Job rotation is done to expand or broaden employees’ understanding of all parts of the operation and evaluate their capabilities (p. 194). Brandon Torpor (1996) described that Job rotation shall enable employees’ to initially learn the work traits and discover which Jobs they prefer to perform at latter stage (p. 107). The author has added that Job rotation includes the change of position for employee within the organization that eventually provides fruitful productivity and reduced stress.

In this section, analysis of work design elements, its advantages and disadvantages shall be evaluated. Although there are four key elements, this section shall fulfill the given rubric guideline of analyzing three key elements. I have chosen Job enlargement, Job enrichment and work specialization. 4. 1 Job Enlargement Analysis on Zurich Insurance Activities Zurich Insurance warrants that personnel have motivated and inspired their insurance agents to accomplish at a progressive level. The insurance agents have to become more satisfied with their responsibilities through Job enlargement.

Church’s insurance agents has to perform Job enlargement as they perform the tasks of billing, consulting, sales, claim processing assistance and guidance. Previously the primary task of agents is to solicit sales and expand new market territories. However by assuming the task of sales only for long period has result the performance of Insurance agents to De depleted I Nell JODI performance NAS stagnated as tenet perform only one primary task. By taking into the consideration the management of Zurich Insurance has decided to enlarge their tasks so they get occupied and stimulate their performance.

Each insurance agents has to perform various tasks as they do not feel refrained or repeating the same strategy. This can clearly boost the mindset as they performed several tasks for a single product and service. For example, insurance agents have to assist their clients on medical claims and submit the required documents for claimable process. Besides than that they have provide insurance consultation on future tasks to ensure they are well protected. Previously the insurance agents were required to achieve new sales while the medical claim and billing has to be done by the clients themselves.

The changes of Job enlargement as clearly seen that assigning the insurance agents additional same-level activities has reduced boredom and inspired a stronger relationship with clients. The advantage of Job enlargement to Zurich Insurance is it can tackle boredom and increase motivation to perform better. It adds the advantages as Zurich Insurance agents have to perform responsibilities they have to perform such as recruiting new agents, sustaining customer retention, documentation, insurance consultancy and soliciting new sales.

The enlarged task shall reduce monotony which results fulfillment of satisfaction for each insurance agents. 7 Besides than that, the advantage of Job enlargement to Zurich Insurance is it increases the Job flexibility among insurance agents. Insurance agents have addition tasks to be performed and it adds the resourceful of Job scope in the performed tasks. Being versatile may reduce the dependability on a single department and evolve into a competent employees as per required by Zurich Insurance.

The disadvantage of Job enlargement is insurance agents that perform similar Jobs for longer period can result into boredom. It is because even activities at Job enlargement can become dull or routine which shall lead into Job dissatisfaction or motivation. For a longer period of run insurance agents shall also feel that recruiting new agents, sustaining customer retention, documentation, insurance consultancy and soliciting new sales are repetition activities which may lead into boredom. Besides than that, Job enlargement for Zurich Insurance agents shall increase the scope of activities.

The activities can lead into heavy workload thus developing into procrastination and unmanageable workload. Insurance agents shall feel denominated as they shall find that they are not equally trained to perform at this task which results increase of stress level. Employees that are not well trained shall face difficulties in accommodating their schedules to fulfill the requirement of the activities. 4. 2 Job Enrichment Analysis on Zurich Insurance Activities Militantly Lurch Insurance employees was Allocations at tenet work Decease ten overclouded authority.

Employees face repetitive and unrewarding tasks that could disrupt the flow of motivation. The management has emphasized that their employees’ satisfaction is fulfilled by reducing repetitive tasks, increasing the level of insurance agents’ recognition, create advancement opportunities and development. Zurich Insurance requires Job enrichment is necessary as it restructures the tasks that surges the opening for their employees to experience accountability growth, accomplishments and appreciation.

High motivation empowers Zurich Insurance agents to accomplish additional responsibilities. Zurich Insurance management views that the increase of Job enrichment satisfaction shall reduce the turnover and increase the efficiency. Besides than that the management provide employees’ especially insurance agents with extended authority to deal with their task as it solve related issues efficiently and effectively. The level of autonomy characteristic for the insurance agents provides the freedom to arrange their tasks and select how to carry them out.

The employee feels the significance on their Job as it channels the effects inside the organization. 8 Taken into account the nature of insurance agents schedule of meeting clients, the management has also provided them the freedom to smooth Job quality. The insurance agents do not a have standard working time like office hours. They are given freedom of flextime and be rewarded for their results. The management rates opportunities of advancement for employees’ especially insurance agents by offering promotions, training skills and expanding knowledge.

The management emphasized empowerment as it increases employee preparation when the agents partake in creating their own strategies and contribution to achieve the organizational goals. The agents shall gain Job satisfaction and yield respect among other agents. It shall also provide and increase the depth of competency among agents to crisscrossing and reduce conflicts among top managements. For example the top management of Zurich Insurance encourages their insurance agents to rather enhance their education qualification to obtain degree and above.

Currently Zurich Insurance Malaysia provides fully paid education for selected insurance agents at recognized universities in Malaysia, Singapore and Switzerland. The advantage of Job enrichment to Zurich Insurance agents is it permits them to design and control work agendas or schedules rather than restricting their movement. Job enrichment strengthens Zurich Insurance management to authorize their agents to identify new methods to complete their allocated responsibilities. In such case it encourages the agents to develop new skills.

Whenever the employees’ perform or utilize their skills and talents to optimum level it ensures Zurich Insurance to attain high quality services. Besides than that, Job enrichment shall reduce turnover among the employees’ especially the insurance agents. It is because employees’ that achieves higher level of Job satisfaction tends to stay rather than quit. The performance shall see insurance agents performing to the highest level of work attitude while retaining the professionalism of their role. Several insurance agents are doing insurance as part time basis.

If the agent is recognized for his introduction Day ten top management statuesquely It may reduce ten ARP-tot or absenteeism among the part timers in carrying out their duties. Job enrichment has also has its disadvantages as several insurance agents do not possess the required new skills to perform effectively. In viewing such cases the management has to provide additional skills through trainings and development. By undergoing trainings, 9 management has to review of change their work process which subsequently increase the cost.

The disadvantage of Job enrichment is that each position may have different criteria. Zurich management may face difficulties to improve the employees’ satisfaction with modification of their tasks through their positions. The management shall also need to create opportunities of advancement for employees’ especially insurance agents by offering promotions, skills and knowledge. The criteria may differ from each department to another department in the insurance organization. The criteria of rewarding the Job enrichment may see as unfair or biased when a standardized procedure is applied.

Employees’ that worked hard but yet to be rewarded shall decrease them the feelings of being not recognized for their achievements. Besides than that, disadvantages agents who are given empowerment may tend to abuse the assumed authority. Agents may tend to focus on their own success rather than group’s and subsequently increase conflicts among team members. 4. 3 Work Specialization Analysis on Zurich Insurance Activities Work specialization at Zurich Insurance describes the capacity to which responsibilities are distributed into individual Jobs.

The purpose of work specialization is that an entire Job is not done by one individual at Zurich Insurance. The below chart describes the geographic structure of Zurich Insurance’s hierarchy hat specialized the work design in Malaysia. Chief Operating Officer (COO) shall head the role of Regional Manager as it reflects each region. 10 The management of Zurich Insurance has developed the chain of command to ensure the succession of work specialization for each step. The organizational chart shows that each position are pre occupied with work specialization.

By applying the chain of command the work design is much easier as the organization instills work specialization approach. The Regional Manager or Chief Operating Officer is supported by Country Manager for each country. The Country Manager is supported by Zone Manager (CM) and State Manager (SMS). Geographic structure adds the advantage Tort Lurch Insurance Malaysia work eagles . I newer are SYS Dragon emcees In Malaysia that covers the area of Clangor, Koala Lump, Niger Assembling, Termagant, Skeletal, Pang, Penman, Appear, Perils, Asked, Juror, Amelia, Saba and Karakas.

Thus to become effective in strategic planning the states has been categorized to five zones. The Country Manager is assisted by Zone Managers that shall be supported by State Manager. With the separation of each state, the managers are able to fully focus on implementing their work design to suit the organizational styles. Despite in the same country, each zone shall warrant their Zone Managers and State Managers to guarantee the accurate method of work design managerial structure for each state. The Central Operation Division that is based at Koala Lump is in charged for medical claims.

State offices cannot endorse any medical claims and it is subjected to approval of the Central Operation Division. The management has also applied the accountability approach in hierarchy management to ensure the organization carries out work specialization accordingly. Understanding each role has supported Zurich Insurance to be able to function resourcefully. The work specialization and categorization of roles has diffused conflicts of interest among their tasks as each role of their own specialization to achieve.

The advantage of work specialization for Zurich Insurance agents is that they may have a striking balance of motivation and interest especially if they achieve the sales target. Work specialization shall also provide the framework the step to which activities in Zurich Insurance are segmented into separate responsibilities. Thus it rates efficiency and productivity by enlarging the opportunity of Job accomplishments as wanted by the Zurich management. Besides than that, work specialization encourages its insurance agents to create high-quality services by improving the Job itself through reducing errors.

The advantages of work specialization include the ability to perform Job flexibility to the work design. This strengthens the insurance operation to be more systematic which makes tasks more 11 motivating. For example, Zurich insurance agents who have been trained may find it easier to cope with a wide variety of new insurance schemes when being introduced. They shall fully understand and have well verse knowledge of any insurance plans that are launched in the market. By applying specific chain of command in their work design each function clarifies who reports to whom for Zurich Insurance from global to country level.

The work specialization eases the hierarchy of authority that creates a systematic approach. The authority clearly describes employees’ what to do and expect them to do it. There shall not be any bypass of command as each values the role of seniority that determines the functional asset. The disadvantage of work specialization for Zurich insurance agents that unsuccessful in gaining or achieving sales target may result them to be denominated as a result of low productivity. Agents may meet a lot potential candidates but the failure to close the deal may result stress thus resulting into poor quality and high turnover.

The disadvantages of work design includes employees’ shall face difficulties In applying Delightedly In tenet tasks. Nine Tattletale TTY In work eagles snail De amperes by time constraint as in insurance each agent has to perform to achieve the target. Despite the flexibility management emphasize the results or target need to be achieved within whatever cost. This is especially focused on new recruits whom may have the flexibility but they are unable to practice it as they are given short period of time to achieve the result. 2 5. 0 SUMMARY The study has found that the elements of work design are importance as it enhances the successive teamwork at an organization. Zurich Insurance has applied the three key elements of work designs and achieved numerous successes in shaping up the organizational direction. Techniques such as work specialization, Job enlargement and Job enrichment are used as interconnected tools that analyses management tragic values, operation management, consumer behavior and work design.

It shall be uncommon of the organization has set only one specific work design or rigid system to apply its operation management. It has been proven that different level of division or region requires different element of work design. The management must understand that to apply work design it may occur applying different perspectives on different tasks. The work design enhancement strategies shall categorize work responsibilities, performance assessments, and management feedback and managers treatment.

Centered on the accomplishment rate of work design improvement plans at the selected organization, other organization can practice this study to instrument changes at their organization. An effective work design skill boost the progress in new organizations. It may also be part of uplifting established organizations in reply to an apparent prospect. As per claimed in this study, the analysis has focused on three elements of work design. However there are other areas that can be counted in such as Job rotation, safety and health, decentralization, and cost in deciding the techniques to apply work sign.

It is important to apply the work design perspectives for reality usage and analyze its credibility for each organization. However poor work design leads to areas such as overlooked responsibilities, inappropriate staffing of people and functions that works against each other. Organizations hardly guide employees’ on how to function in a new work design, which undermine the effectiveness of the organization’s operation. It is based upon the work design environment that ranks the level of autonomy to design into a productive workplace.

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