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Discuss issues and implications of second language learning in the primary classroom. (6. 3, 8. ) 4. Design activities based on the principles of different approaches in the primary LET classroom (6. 1, 8. 5) SYNOPSIS This course focuses on language learning and acquisition – key concepts and issues, theories of language learning, second language learning theories, overview: approaches, methods and techniques,syllabus design-Malaysian primary school English Language curriculum and second language learning in the classroom.

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Topic Content Hours Language acquisition and learning – key concepts and issues Nature of language Language learning process Language learner Acquisition versus learning 6 2 Theories of Language Learning Behaviorism Cosmogonist Social Constructivism Humanism 6 3 Second Language Learning Theories (l) Crasher’s Monitor Model acquisition-learning hypothesis monitor hypothesis natural order hypothesis input hypothesis affective filter hypothesis

Implications for teaching Second Language Learning Theories (II) Universal Grammar Why a Universal Grammar What does a Universal Grammar consist of Universal Grammar and first language acquisition Universal Grammar and second language acquisition 4 Overview: Approaches, Methods and Techniques LET Methods Grammar-Translation Method Direct Method Audio-Lingual Method Silent Way Pseudopodia Community Language Learning Total Physical Response Communicative Approach Task-based Learning Lexical Approach Eclectic Approach Principles Techniques Strengths ‘Limitations Role of teacher, learners and resources

Implications for syllabus design Planning activities for each approach/method 5 Syllabus Design – Malaysian Primary School English Language Curriculum Principles Strengths [Limitations Scheme of work – weekly, semester Second Language Learning in the Classroom Issues Presentation, Practice and Production Alternatives to Presentation, Practice and Production Teaching implications in the primary LET classroom 5 TOTAL 45 Assessment Assignment : 50% Examination : 50% Main References: Borrower, C. (2000). Language Acquisition and Development. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Brown, H. D. (2007).

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