Reflection of experience as a student nurse Assignment

Reflection of experience as a student nurse Assignment Words: 764

Every student has their own experience as a college student that they will never forget in life. Just like me as a student nurse, I also have my own experience and that was exciting. In that time when was in Semester 3 at Hospital Kulak, Juror got posting in pre and post natal ward. For the first came in ward, my clinical instructor ask me to do assignment. She told me to choose any patients as long as not out on a topic.

And then I pick one of the mothers and continue to do a procedure like check her blood pressure, imperative, pulse and weight and body mass index (IBM). After that, I help her to go to the bathroom and told her to do a urine test. And then I also assess how long, strong and frequent her contraction are, and how much pain her are in. Beside that I check a fetal heart rate by used an electronic fetal monitoring (FEM.) and the first time I feel very excited to hear a heartbeat baby.

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After record, I help a doctor to bring patient to go to scan room and a doctor want check by scanning to the patient for look if has any bleeding or encomium in the amniotic fluid. During scanning doctor ask her does she felt the baby movement when contractions started are frequently or not. A patient give a good respond and a result is fine and doctor told me to bring the patient into the room. After that a doctor coming with injection and that is extinction for stimulate contraction.

But at the same time I must check patient’s vital sign and fetal heart rate to make sure it’s stable and controlled. Doctor told me to immediately report to her is any adverse effects that occur to the patient and her baby. After 3 hours waiting, patient feel more contraction and eel painfully and I immediately told doctor. Doctor asked a patient permission to do a vaginal examination to measure how many centimeter opening of the cervix. Doctor told me a cervix has opening in CM and told to a stuff nurse prepare for patient labor. And that situation was so anxious.

I help a staff nurse to prepare all equipment for a doctor easy do a labor process to the patient. After that, I continue to go on with patient to calm her to do breathing exercise. The nurse asked the patient to breathe deeply and push with all her mighty. After 30 minutes fighting with her life a baby was born safely and a labor was success. Furthermore, a baby was her first child and she got a baby boy. Saw a nurse give baby to his mother and starting to breastfeeding and that may help to stimulate contraction and a doctor must remove out the placenta genteelly.

Staff nurse told me that usually a baby’s cord must clamped and can cut after the placenta has been delivered, or when the cord has stopped pulsating. After that, doctor will pull gently on cord while pressing on tummy patient above her pelvis. By pressing on mummy, doctor supports her uterus while she eases out the placenta. Next, doctor will check the placenta and membranes to ensure they are complete and no part has been left behind.

After success remove the placenta, doctor must to operation mother at her site and follow a staff nurse to bring a baby at assessment room to check any complication to his body. We all pray and thanksgiving to god that all successful. Before that, we wrap the baby in blanket so he would not get hypothermia. After that, a staff nurse teach me how to assess the baby and we used an Page score and that is stand for a UAPITA PAGE which is Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity and Respiration.

That was procedure to summarily assess the health Of newborn children immediately after birth. A baby was so cute and before we touch him we must hand washing and maintain sterility avoid contamination to the baby. After we assess the baby, we must to dress him in clothes and we are ready to bring him to his mother. The mother can’t stand her tears of joy when she holder her baby boy and we felt that too. Finally, it was moment that I can’t to forget until forever in my life because it is all about a mother’s sacrifice.

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