Reducing Class Size Assignment

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There are many impacts that could affect the academic achievement . One of them is reducing class size. Based on the work of a group of researchers headed by Gene Glass and Mary Lee Smith, 15 students was chosen to be the number of students in small class size for the major benefits to be obtained (Glass, et 1978). Let is suggested that reducing class size by five student is expensive but it is not found to be as costly as lengthening the school day or using computer assisted instructor.

It can have considerable advantages because it provides better monitoring of student and it ivies greater attention to less achievement students. Further benefits for reducing class size could be that the teachers are more consistent in their class management. It is claimed that reducing class size is expensive, but while this may be true to some extent, it would have a huge economic benefits and a great investment. The countries would have a better educated and instructed population.

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Although data have been collected to prove that reducing class size is expensive, however, it is not convincing ND consistent enough to provide and acceptable explanation for the expense of the additional class rooms, teachers, equipments and resources that would be required. Many studies argued whether the cost matters or not. A study was performed in Texas where 15 poorly performing elementary schools were given $ 500,000 each per year for five years to reduce class size. Even two schools out of the fifteen only showed an improvement but money did matter for these two schools. (Shadow’s 1995).

Furthermore, the cost -effectiveness can not be accurately considered since he cost is measurable while the effectiveness is not. In small size class the teacher can watch the individuals. So, more attention will be provided for the under achievement student, more students on-task, fewer students off-task especially in reading and less time is spent in waiting for the next assignment. Furthermore, it provides more personalized environment for teachers and students. Also, pupils would have more contacts with teachers for purposes of clarification and contacting teachers privately for help because less time is spent in eating instructions.

The data collected from the 1998 national assessment of educational analyzed and it was found that student in small classes do not score higher then those in normal size classes. (Kirk,2000). However these results do not mean that reducing class size was useless because there are many other factors affecting these results which are difficult to be isolated. There factors definitely play a big part in students achievement. Basically, class room atmosphere, quality of classroom activities and resources would affect students performance.

Also, students participation, satisfaction and self-esteem the results as well as the quality of the teachers. Another reason which might interact the results is the diverse language. Students have different languages spoken and it might differ from the teacher’s. Moreover, family stability does affect too. Those children coming from an unstable family would Different factors that could determine the academic success were analyzed. Also the effect of reducing class size on academic achievement was discussed during the assay.

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