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Capital Safety Is the global leader of fall protection, confined space and rescue equipment. RIFF (radio frequency Identification) Is a wireless data collection technology. RIFF technology has the ability to Identify, track and assign Information to unique items without direct contact or line-of-sight scanning. I-Safe TM consists of passive RIFF tags (transponders) that can be scanned by mobile readers (receivers) that synchronize data to a web-based secure information portal. Abstract 1. The project at hand being studied is on how radio frequency identification yester (RIFF) has been implemented to help better manage capital safety fall protection equipment. The information system being used has become an Important role on how they manage their product to help, cost, Improve safety compliance, reduce risk, and enhance safety within government regulations. Capital safety has become the global leader In fall protection. With the use of radio frequency Identification device they can tract and malting their equipment In timely manner. 1. 2 Author and Team Member Group Project Assignment #5 Mohamed Mohamed, Lei Thanksgiving

Travis Boyd, Each Jones Carl Basilica, Young Yang Table of content 1. 3 Target of study 1. 4 Capital safety Is the organization being studied In our group. They can be identified by their NAZIS and SIC codes that put them In Industries like: oil and Gas, construction, transportation, utilities, wind energy, general and residential fall protection. They are the global leader In manufacturing fall protection for these various companies that are In need of safety protection that are working above ground and below with their confined space equipment . Capital safety sales are

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Latin America and Australia Capital Safety has to be well organized. That is why they have adopted the radio frequency identification device to help better-manage their products. Capital Safety is the first company to implement radio frequency identification system on their fall protection equipment. When they introduced their software I-safe 2. 0 and then made improvement to I-safe 3. 0 to help scan these RIFF tags. The I-safes. O helps track, maintenance and recall when expired. With the use of radio frequency identification system, improvement to their company meant striving o be the best.

The radio frequency identification device helped reduce cost, time, safety and reducing risk has made it more controllable The information system radio frequency identification device RIFF is technology that is easily available in market. Capital safety however uses its own custom designed technology developed in -house. The business process of the system is that each product comes with the circular devices built into the product. The business process of the system is that each product comes with the circular device built into the product.

The products are scanned at the factory by the inspector that did the final inspection or person who finalized the devices. Each product is assigned and ID number to the system. The system is able to record and count the products automatically, and alert the company when the products are due for inspection. Use of RIFF Has increased rapidly and can now be found in cell phone, government IDS, Passport, some firearms, packages handled by the postal system Etc. Capital safety is one of the first companies to implement this technology to their fall protection equipment.

By increasing the speed and the efficiency in their protection and warehouse areas capital safety has managed to become not only more profitable but also provide better customer service by maintaining proper hands on service and issuing timely recall when needed. Capital Safety has made their company more profitable with the use of radio frequency device. With the use of radio frequency identification device this information system has become a key factor on how they utilize this management tool to help organize their company structure with their product.

Executive summary 1. 2 It is highly recommended for other companies to utilize this type of information system to help with the organization of their company product. I know that radio frequency identification device is a very useful tool that could be used in different aspects of business organization. It can be used in different aspects of business, weather the use of ID tags for employees, assembly line workstation, tracing parts, and inventory. Emerson process is another company that has utilized this type of information with their business process.

They have radio urgency ID tags for their employees for entrance to and out of the building. They have associated this type of information along with their assembly workstation. They use radio frequency identification device to log in and out of each workstation. That way they know if there is an issue they can tract which employee is associated with that particular assembly. For years RIFF devices have been used in many different areas (Clayton Boyce, 2003). One such area has been as an anti-theft device. Most consumers have purchased products that have held RIFF devices.

Stores at the local malls have been using hard plastic tag anti-theft devices on merchandise for at least she knows it is not a good idea to walk to close to the entrance way. Many patrons have suffered the embarrassment of walking around a clothing rack near the front door with items to be purchased and hearing an ear splitting sound. This was caused by the RIFF device on the clothing coming into contact with the electromagnetic field at the door. Other past and present uses for RIFF include: automatic toll booth passes, animal tracking chips, and company access badges.

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