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The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of different approaches to Quality Management appropriate to commercial operations. Scenario Having been hired as the newly recruited Quality Officer, you are now requested to explain the benefits of using a Quality Management System. You need to answer the following questions as fully as possible, and explain why a Quality Management System will be beneficial to implement. Please make sure that your answers are in your own words.

Anything you would like to use from other sources must be referenced accordingly. Customer satisfaction is the level or degree of satisfaction, given by the goods and services provided a business or organization. This refers to the extent to which customers are happy with the products and services provided by a business.. Gaining high levels of customer satisfaction is very important to a business because satisfied customers are most likely to be loyal and to make repeat orders and to use a wide range of services offered by a business.

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There are many factors that can lead to customer satisfaction for example; Products and services must be customer focused to be able to achieve customers atisfaction and surveys can be used to find out what the customer is looking for in the product or service provided. Secondly, providing the customer personal attention depending on each individual needs. Another way to help achieve customer satisfaction is by providing services even after the sales of the product is done, this can be by offering certain maintenance packages for a period of time “when buying a brand new car”, or even offering warranty or upgrades of the product sold. ttp://businesscasestudies. co. uk/ business-theory/operations/customer-satisfaction. html#axzz2mKvEWVGV To measure customer satisfaction, we look at the fundamental strategies that can be detrimental for the business and I have listed the 4 most common ones. Overall satisfaction, which is a basic question to the customer on how do they feel about the product or service which he or she was provided with. If the customer was satisfied we would obtain good reviews and maybe some tips too, but if the customer was not satisfied it will obviously mean the regret of purchasing the product or service but we could still obtain reviews about it.

Loyalty measurement, which refers to specific customers constancy on returning to he business to purchase a product or service. This measurement is usually obtained by keeping record of the customers purchases and in some companies they provide a loyalty card which helps them do so. Attribute satisfaction measurement, affect which is measured on the products content or benefits, which in other words its measured by the compliments given by the customer. The Judgments of the product are usually specific.

Affect and experienced and represents the affect produced by the products quality, value or both. Intentions to Repurchase or behavior measurements, when asking questions about ypothetical future for example if the customer would return to purchase the same product, we usually notice a positive or might also be a negative answer which we can right away use to determine whether the customers satisfaction was successfully achieve or not. http://www. qualtrics. om/blog/customer-satisfaction-measurement/ 2. Explain the meaning of continuous improvement? Continues improvement, reefers to the constant introduction of ideas and changes in a business or organization with the purpose of increasing the quality and performance of the business. Applying improvement to a service or to a work place is a process that has to be tudied and analyzed whether the changes will be favorable, and the effects that those may have on the business and it’s customers.

The perfection or improvement could be approached by the contribution of ideas from the employees and this could be encouraged by settling a point for example, how or what could the management change to make the work place better and improve the quality of the business. Another way that the management could use to identify possible improvements, is by bringing together a group of employees and create a quality circle with the aim of oming up with ideas that would bring a positive effect on the business, for example the implementation of more team working rather than individual.

A way of achieving improvement is by creating a connection between manager and employees. A company manager should let other members of the company know, that suggestions towards achieving a better performance for the business will be considered as well as the implementation of a system that allows employees to manifest their ideas whether they are personal or general improvements. For continuous improvement to be successful and efficient, there has to be a culture f trust and support between staff and managers.

The staff suggestions can help to improve the work for several employees and some organizations establish objectives for the employees individually or in teams, to come up with ideas in certain time to contribute with the process of Kaizen. http://www. tutor2u. net/business/production/kaizen-quality-circles-continuous- 3. Illustrate the type of added values to be gained by a Quality Management System. Provide any examples which you think would be appropriate.

Values in a business or organization, are beliefs or a philosophy that is really eaningful to the company, as it describes which are the goals that the management and employee target to achieve. Every company has one or more values, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. I believe that some common values that I would implement as a quality officer to help improve the company and set personal and team goals be progress, accomplishment, success, Joy and respect.

Those values would make the relationship between employees much better and improve the trust and performance as individuals or as a team work. Values can also help improve the quality of the business by incrementing the energy nd motivation of the employees and managers, which improves their performance at work. Values can also motivate people to work in teams and help each other which can also help to improve the work performance.

A business system take input from various suppliers and transforms these into outputs that customers will value. If the business takes on practice this method and does it well, the demand for customers to acquire the business output will grow enough to make the products cost profitable but always at a fare price. http://www. gurusoftware. com/GuruNet/KnowledgeBase/BusinessNalues. htm

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