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In the class, emphasis is placed on developing effective communicators through a variety of oral and written assignments. Course Rationale: At some point you will likely be called upon to stand before a group and deliver information, argue a position, present an award, introduce a guest speaker, or honor a special event or occasion. At these times, it is important that you command the audience’s attention, demonstrate credibility, represent your position clearly and accurately, and speak with conviction.

Core Competencies Gained by Students: * Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World Analyze ultra diversity within the audience * Intellectual and Practical Skills Develop and master the skill of outlining Develop critical skills listening and thinking Design and use effective presentational aids Build confidence from positive criticism of presentation and delivery skills * Personal and Social Responsibility Become an ethical and effective communicator Learn effective communication skills through developing and delivering presentations Decrease communication anxiety through increased preparation Course Objective: This course is designed to assist students in identifying and strengthening their specific public communication needs. It acquaints students with different forms and styles of human communication while parallelizing them with historical and modern rhetorical principles and applications.

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The goal Is for students to develop skills which will strengthen effective communication with business and professional associates as well as with family and friends. The course is based on the study of communication theory as applied to a variety of public speaking situations and social interactions. All assigned oral and written activities and collateral readings will develop and refine critical thinking, listening and fundamental immunization skills. Oral actively Include presentations, voice and diction Required Materials: Public Speaking Handbook, 2nd Edition by Steve A. Beebe ; Susan J. Beebe. A pack of 3 x 5 index cards COURSE POLICIES Attendance: In accordance with the Endgame Veers College/CUNY catalog, students are expected to attend class regularly.

The success of your learning experience depends on the active contributions of everyone; therefore, your attendance is important. If your absence is excused, you must bring a verifiable excuse the class following your absence (or the next class you attend allowing your initial absence) for it to be accepted. See the Catalog for what is considered an excused absence. Your attendance is particularly crucial on speaking days for both the presentation of your own speech and your participation as an audience member. If you arrive after class has started you are late. Every two lateness equals an absence. If you arrive 15 minutes after class has started you will be marked absent for that day.

You have two “free” unexcused absences (that you cannot take on a performance day); additional unexcused absences will result in a 5- point grade reduction. Make-ups: In a public speaking course, rescheduling a speech is very difficult. If you must miss your speaking day and your absence is excused, you may make up your speech at a time arranged by your instructor during the semester. This means that you must be prepared to give your speech at the arranged time. No make-ups for speeches will be given for unexcused absences. No late work will be accepted without the proper excuse. **** Special Circumstances: Students with learning or physical challenges that could affect your performance in this class should notify the instructor as soon as possible.

Honesty: Academic dishonesty encompasses both cheating and plagiarism. Cheating includes obtaining or attempting to obtain or aiding another to obtain academic credit for work by the use of any dishonest, deceptive or fraudulent means. Plagiarism involves submitting the works of others as your own and includes improper source citation, no source citation, using materials prepared by another student, and using fictitious sources. The penalties for academic dishonesty range from receiving an “F” on the assignment or exam, to receiving an “F” in the course and may be reported to the university. Please consult the Endgame Veers College catalog for a full description of cheating and plagiarism.

The speeches will be an Introductory Speech, a Speech of Demonstration, a Speech of Explanation, and Persuasive Speech (in that order). Information about what is expected for each speech will be provided in class prior to the performance date. Also, for all speeches, a typed outline of your speech (including references if applicable) is due on the day you perform. I will also provide grading rubrics for each speech. Quizzes ; Final Exam: There will be 8 quizzes throughout the semester, but only the 4 quizzes you score the highest on will be counted towards your final grade. The Final Exam will cover lecture material and chapter readings.

Make-up exams will not be granted, UNLESS you can provide Ritter documentation verifying that your absence falls within the Endgame Veers College/CUNY s excused absence policy. Speech Analysis: You will write one brief (1-2 page) paper analyzing a speech performance that will be shown in class. Your paper must be typed and stylistically and grammatically correct. Readings: I will note in class if you need to read a chapter/section of the textbook before the following class. However, please remember that you are responsible for the entire chapter(s) on a test even if we do not cover everything in class. Simply, exam questions may come from material not covered during lectures.

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