Ptlls Paper on Record Keeping Assignment

Ptlls Paper on Record Keeping Assignment Words: 370

PTLLS Assignment #1 Justify the need for keeping records and describe the types of records you would maintain. Record keeping in an educational context is important; it assists with planning; the reviewing of student progress and aids quality assurance checks. This submission has been created using our Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approved First Aid training records, as an example. HSE approved First Aid training record keeping is easily justified. It is mandatory to keep records of examination results for a period of at least three years. The records can be in a written or electronic format.

For our HSE First Aid records we keep hand written records showing oral, practical and written test results. This format is chosen in preference to electronic records for ease of use during the practical examinations. Key benefits of keeping records include the ability to create a brought forward system allowing us to send out periodic updates. Additionally, we can send out timely reminders when retraining is required. Part of the record for each student includes a feedback sheet which enables us to assess the training environment, the quality of educational materials and instructor ability.

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Record keeping is also important in helping to motivate students. Barnett (2012) states “People’s goals can be updated and ticked off in real time, and achievements regularly recorded with strong visuals as a way of motivating people at work”. Our training records can, if appropriate, be made available to training providers, employers and statutory agencies to confirm a students test results and competency. Advantages and disadvantages stem from written and electronic record keeping. Written records are easy to record, but require careful secure storage due to data protection issues.

The information contained within electronic records will not deteriorate over time and are easily protected, they may however be lost should the storage media fail or become damaged. In summary, record keeping helps to motivate students and record progress; is a legal duty and helps with quality assurance and course development. Electronic records are often used but there is still a need for written records. Word Count: 345 words Bibliography Barnett, E. (2012) Business lessons from enterprise in education. The Sunday Telegraph, Business Supplement, Sunday 22nd January 2012, p. 10f.

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