Record Keeping Assignment

Record Keeping Assignment Words: 426

Continuous maintenance and regular review of these records is vital to valuate a client’s progression and provide positive encouragement and direction. These records provide a means to recognize further learning and development requirements and aid in the structure of assignments which are challenging but achievable accommodating the clients specific learn inning abilities and meeting the client’s expectations and aspirations.

The continuous maintenance and regular review of client documentation must undoubtedly contribute in sustaining a level of quality and commitment in providing a clear and constructive learning experience for all clients and ensure contractual agreements are met. As collation and recording of data is a regular necessity for a learning centre the data protection act provides assurance to clients by setting out clear and concise guidelines for the processing and storage of an individual’s details. Personal data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose for which they are to be processed.

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They must be fair and lawful and it must be transparent about how the data is intended to be used. Reviews are an integral part of the process for recording and monitoring academic achievements, progression, behavior, a clients wellbeing and for he evolution of the learning centre and tutors. They are crucial in the delivery and collection of tutor and client feedback and it is therefore, essential reviews are held regularly and command an importance within the learning program impressing on the client the commitment of the learning centre.

Reviews must be held in a confidential environment and be transparent as to encourage open and honest communication from both parties when providing feedback, informing the client of their academic progression, encouraging a positive change in behavior and supportive with development programmed. The client must be clear on the tutor’s expectations and what academic progression is required. Feedback should be given with care and attention to standards of respect for diversity and equality.

The reviewer must facilitate the meeting and in achieving this goal should consider using a variety of methods in the delivery of feedback. This could be achieved by discussing a clients work folder, interests and dislikes, achievements and barriers, discussing previous tasks Set and setting new tasks, creating mind maps, tables for long and short term goals, explanation of performance charts and the clients own self assessment. The alternations of visual reference data provides for both client and tutor an understanding of the feedback being delivered and engages with the client on specific topics.

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