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For my youngest daughter she is three years old and she attends preschool but of course she doesn’t get graded on her assignments. For er, use positive reinforcement to reassure that she will behave while she is at school. I tell her to be nice to the other children and listen to her teacher and follow directions. say encouraging words to her also like act like a big girl today and play nice with your friends.

I also praise her when pick her up from preschool at the end of the day and give her a big hug and a high five and tell her that I’m so proud Of her and that she is such a big girl. She is also in the process Of becoming potty trained. I use positive reinforcement to encourage her to go to the toilet when she has to go potty. praise her when she oes to the potty and clap and we sing a song, “Yeah, big girls so pee pee and poopy in the potty! ” Also if she has a clean pull up all day without going potty on herself before bed time she gets a special treat.

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Negative Reinforcement My daughters have a chore schedule that they complete daily afterschool. Majority of the time they do their chores without me having to nag at them to do so but, sometimes do have to nag at them and tell them several times to do their chores. will even stand over them and point out what I want them to do for example, pick up their clothes off the floor, pick up their toys and place them in the toy ox, make their bed, put their book bags and school supplies away, do their homework, clean the caft litter box.

When nag at them about doing what they are suppose to do and hover over them insuring that they are completing their chores it annoys them, so as a results of me nagging and hovering over them to do their chores, they do what I asked and quit nagging. So negative reinforcement is used because of unpleasant stimulus. When I nag at them they become annoyed so therefore they do their chores in order for me to quit nagging at them. Negative reinforcement increases the probability that my daughters ehavior will change because they know that if they do not complete their chores will nag at them until it is completed.

So to avoid being nagged to do their chores they complete the task. Another example of negative reinforcement is when my daughters complete their school assignments on time to avoid receiving a lower grade or getting a letter sent home that their assignments were not turned in on time and they did not receive a “homework hero” award. Sometimes depending on the assignment their teachers may take their recess time away if they have not completed an assignment in a timely anner. Negative reinforcement is used in this situation due to avoidance.

My daughters do not want to get a lower grade on an assignment or miss recess so they avoid not missing recess or not receiving a letter sent home by completing their assignments when their teacher asks them to do so. They also know that if they conduct good behavior they will be rewarded but if they do not conduct good behavior disciplinary action will occur. Punishment by Removal Punishment by removal is the main form of discipline that I use on my children. When my children do not display appropriate behavior such as ack talking or being disruptive and disrespectful.

I will place them in the corner for a time out. I normally place them in time out for five to ten minutes depending on if they stand in the corner and do not throw a fit and do what I explained for them to do. If they do not comply and throw a fit while they are standing in time out they get an additional five minutes added on to their time for any outburst they do while in time out. After their time out session they are allowed to resume their activity, go play outside, finish watching tv, color in their coloring book, whatever they were doing before they got in trouble.

They are removed from the activity they were doing because of negative behavior and given time to think about their actions and how to improve their behavior. The other form of punishment by removal use on my children is taking Objects away from them. If after a time out session my children continue to misbehave will take objects or privileges away from them. For example if my daughter is playing her Nintendo DS and she disobeys and I place her in time out and warn her while she is in time out that if she does not improve her behavior she will lose her Nintendo privilege for the rest of the day.

Or if my daughter is atching tv and she disobeys and is placed in time out while she is in the corner I will explain that if she does not improve her behavior she will not be allowed to watch tv for the rest of the day. Whatever activity they are doing before they get placed in time out if after words if they continue to misbehave they will lose that object or privilege for Punishment by removal is t children, When my children back talking or being disrup the corner for a time out. en minutes depending on i throw a fit and do vvhat comply and throw a fit whi additional five minutes add‚ while in time out. After the resume their activity, go ple oloring book. whatever the They are removed from the negative behavior and given The other form of punishrn taking objects away from th continue to misbehave I wil For example if my daughter disobeys and place her in out that if she does not im Nintendo privilege for the r watching lv and she disobe’ the corner I will explain the will not be allowed to natcl activity they are doing befo if they continue to misbeha the rest of the day.

If over the course of several days they con unacceptable behavior they will lose all pri’? During the week that they are “in trouble” watch tv, play outside, play their Nintendo, o to their grandma’s house, or participate punishment for the week is that they are ” and they have to write 50 sentences per d “l will improve my behaviod’ or ” I am sor listen and do what is expected” or anything they got in trouble.

Punishment by removal is effective because misbehave and do not obey the rules they is something that is valuable and rewardinE until they can display good behavior. They do anything that they chose and they have do not enjoy doing, which is sitting in their punishment by Ap Spanking children is a highly debated subjf society see spanking as a form of child abl ay spank their child when they are angry a wooden paddle, or belt.

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