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Ted Bundy screamed in horrible pain and pleaded his innocence as he was killed by the electric chair. He was so evil that he tried to use one of his victims to try to stop the killing. This plan failed and we all saw how evil he truly was. The government considers Ted Bundy a serial killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophilia. He assaulted and murdered many women and young girls through the says.

Some people believe Ted Bundy may have started sooner. Ted Bundy spent almost a decade declining that he killed people. After a long period of time Ted confessed to thirty homicides. These thirty deaths spread over seven states in the United States. Since Bundy s death the total number of casualties has risen to thirty-five. Ted Bundy personality is believed to be affected by his life as a child. Ted Bundy was raised with the belief that his grand parents were his parents. He was also told his mother was his older sister. Because of this Bundy was known as awkward or weird around girls in school.

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He always said he had trouble building long-term relationships. As a child he was very intrigued in the idea of sex and violence. Because of his good looks Bundy succeeded in college. He became obsessed with a girl named Stephanie Brooks. Brooks did not feel the same way back this resulted in her and Bundy breaking up. This affected Bundy greatly, he dropped out of college by the break up. With bad anxiety and anger toward women this is what drove him to madness. I believe this is what became the fuel that made Bundy kill. This feeling of rejection is what Bundy never forgot.

For the Essence model I believe Ted Bundy fits the role of a Melancholic person. He was very quite and for the most part very unsociable. He was reserved most of the time. To add to this he also showed crazy mood swings and signs that he was very anxious. What is crazy about Ted Bundy is that he fits in to of the categories in the Essence model. He also fits the category as a Phlegmatic person. When he was trying to get women. He was passive and very peaceful. He seemed like a calm and great guy. He would later become very thoughtful with his planning in capturing women.

He would also control them and manipulate them to the end. Ted Bundy I believe featured two of the five personality traits. I believe he has Openness, Conscientiousness. Ted Bundy had openness because openness involves sensitivity and attentiveness to inner feelings as well as intellectual curiosity. Believe Ted Bundy was a very closed and to him self- person. On the flip side he was very open and caring person when around women. He falls into the Conscientiousness category because he had a good eye at being careful and seemed like he always wanted to do a task well.

Ted Bundy always showed this trait throughout his entire life. He found a way to cover up multiple murders for long periods of time. To do this you need to be very crazy but also very cleaver. From doing the classroom assignments before this paper I believe Ted Bundy has Bipolar Disorder or better described as Manic Depression. Ted Bundy could go from very happy and open to very closed and quit in seconds. Being able to do this so easily and so often believe he has Bipolar Disorder. To add to the Bipolar I also believe he was Manic Depressed.

I believe cause of his young life and how his childhood happened I think this is why he went down this path. These disorders are what lead Ted Bundy from a candidate for a Governor position to one of the greatest killers in United States History. I believe multiple Situational influences affected Ted Bundy. Being lied to all of his childhood greatly affected him. His sister being later revealed to be his mother Was also a major blow in Ted Bundy s life. What think really pushed him off the edge was his break up with his girlfriend Stephanie Brooks. Brooks was the love of his life.

Bundy was so obsessed with her that he grossly exaggerated his own accomplishments. By 1968 she broke up with him because she believed he was not good husband material. This broke Bunny’s heart and this obsession drove his life for years. If I could plan a therapy for Ted Bundy I would have him locked up in a Psychiatric ward for six months so we can observe and diagnose him. After we diagnose him we will have a therapist talk to him six times a week to work on his past problems. The problems we will be focusing on his you childhood life and the reality that his mother is his older sister.

Another place of concern is the break up of his high school sweetheart Stephanie Brooks. These are the points would focus on so we can tackle the real reason why Ted Bundy became one of the greatest killers in the history of the United States. To help rehabilitate Ted Bundy he will be placed in a Half way house for multiple years. The meetings with the therapist will decrease to five times a week. In Tee’s spare time he will be writing and explaining why he thinks he killed multiple women. After this confession Ted will be given mood stabilizers to work on his bipolar behavior.

To add to the stabilizers he will also be given multiple anti depressants to work on tackling his huge depression problem. The odds of Ted Bundy healing fully are slim to none. I believe that his time in a horrible state of mind will be to hard to fix with medication and work with a therapist. Do believe he will show signs of growth but he will revert back to his old mindset. I do believe that Ted Bundy can become a man who understands what he did was wrong and he needs to change. But I don’t believe he will ever become good enough to live in the real world among normal people.

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