Psy/320 Dq1 Assignment

Psy/320 Dq1 Assignment Words: 365

Day 1 DQ 1 | |Due Day 1 Post your response to the following questions by clicking Reply. What are the three most useful features of the OLS classroom to you as student? Describe each OLS feature, explain how you use it, and explain its advantages. Forums –where the instructor and students will post daily. I like the way that this is organized as it seems very logical to follow. From my understanding this will be how I communicate to everyone else in the class including the instructor, and my Learning Team.

Web Links-there were many important web links mentioned in the text one that jumped out at me was the Assignments link. As this I think is where we should post our classroom assignments unless otherwise districted in the syllabus. Icons- in the text this seems like how we will get our immediate feed back from the instructor on our posts. The dreaded Red U which would indicate a unsubstantive post; hopefully I don’t see to often. Or the Green S which would indicate a substantive post. |Exercise 2: OLS Functionality Activity |

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Due Day 1 Review the Day 1 readings. Post your response to the following activity by clicking on Reply. Part One 1. Describe the process of threading. Why is threading important in the Online Learning System (OLS)? 2. What might happen if you post messages or assignments in the wrong forum? For messagesin the wrong forum you would not receive credit for the post which would would also mean that you would not be counted as in attendance for the post. For an assignment the student would not be counted as completing the assignment Part Two

Use the table to describe the function and purpose of the following forums:   |Course Forums |Function and Purpose | |  Main |    | |  Chat Room |    | |  Course Materials |    | |  Individual |    | |  Learning Team |    |

Part Three 1. In which forum do you post substantive messages to earn participation credit? I would think that the Substantive messages would be posted in the Main Forum. 2. What is the participation requirement? Two substantive discussion messages, four days each week. 3. What does substantive mean in regards to participation? he message must relate to the discussion and contributes to the discussion.

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