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Procrastination In this day and age, a lot of teenagers are like to be procrastinated. Even me, sometimes I seemed to procrastinate subconsciously when I have an assignment to do or something that must to be done. There are many people argue that procrastination is a good phenomenon while others are fghting against it. Personally, I think the procrastination is bad because it will slow us down and make us a bad abit.

First and foremost, procrastination will slow our works when we have important things to do. People usually procrastinate when they are facing troubles on their works or projects. In fact, the long you procrastinate, the less you will get. Concentration is very important to us. For example, if I have a big assignment due 7 days from now, but I barely do it in the six day, I will be very nervous at the last day.

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As a result, I cannot generate good ideas under lots of pressure and I finish my assignment in a low quality. However, if I always keep in mind that the assignment is very important to me and I have to finish it as early as possible, I will finish the assignment in a good quality. Therefore, procrastination will affect our habit and, eventually, form as a bad habit on us. Even though sometimes procrastination is good for us, the disadvantages are still greater than advantages.

For instance, if omeone is always procrastinated, he (or she) cannot compete with his colleagues unless he (or she) is very smart. Moreover, there are many successful guys indicate that procrastination can destroy someone’s career. Always keeps everything ahead create success and wealth, Bill Gates said. In conclusion, procrastination is negative to us because it slows our work process and makes us a bad habit. Avoiding procrastination and always finishing work early that others are the keys to success.

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