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Facebook is a social networking site that is popular among many teenagers in the world. Its accessibility as well as ease of use makes many people addicted. Addiction to Facebook especially among teenagers has been noted according to recent studies. Many teenagers spend their time online engaging in Facebook activities. Some tend to think that by engaging in Facebook activities will relieve stress and others view it as a form of entertainment. When addiction to Facebook starts to interfere with you daily life activities, there is need to find a olution.

One of the main tell-tale signs of addition to Facebook is known as over- sharing. It is very strange when you find people sharing their deepest secrets about their life on Facebook. In todays world, many citizens are very concerned about the issue of anonymity and privacy online. Many people share their secrets via Facebook just to impress their friends. There is nothing wrong about sharing your personal secrets over Facebook since everyone has a social life need to fulfil. This is what makes people humans.

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The idea of over-sharing is what makes many people to fall under the trap of Facebook addiction. Addition to Facebook makes us have a poor judgment on what is appropriate to post and share over social networking sites. This in turn overrides our anonymity and privacy while using the internet. Another sign of addiction to Facebook is when you check your Facebook account from time to time. Most of the people check their Facebook statuses after every 5 minutes to see if their friends have commented on their posts and activities.

This means that people choose to spend their free time on Facebook. What many people do is that they leave their Facebook accounts running on the background while doing other activities. They will switch between other pages to the Facebook page after a few minutes. Teenagers usually use their smartphones to log in to their Facebook app when they are outside partying with friends. The end result of spending much time checking your Facebook account after every few minutes is that you will get distracted in the current assignment you are undertaking.

In addition to the above revealing signs, people overly get concerned with the kind of Facebook image they will get after posting something. For instance, you may spend more than twenty minutes thinking on what to write on your status bar. After deciding on what your status update will be, you will keenly anticipate how your friends will respond and react to it. This is referred to as ‘Facebook image’. Facebook users end up spending much time when trying to create an impression on what they update and post on Facebook. addict to facebook By benelisak7

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