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Student-teachers should be obedient of the imposed guidelines of the Practice Teaching. Disobeying the guidelines of the Practice Teaching may lead someone in the cessation of his/her training. As a SST, must be responsible enough in everything that will do to prevent myself from cessation. Name of Cooperating School: Rosa National High School My Expectations and My Responsibilities Expectations My Responsibilities Student-teachers were expected to posses the values of a student Personally, must act as a real teacher because it is also for my own professional growth and development.

Student-teachers should possess integrity and dignity As a SST, should have limitations from my students so that there should be no issues that would underlie among and between my students and l. 2. How did feel when I saw my practicum site? What are my apprehensions? Complete the facial expression and explain why you feel this way. After my orientation session, with the administrator (s), cooperating principal, practicum supervisor, together with my co-practicum students, I need to equip myself with the APT Kit (Practice Teaching Kit) to better prepare myself in this wonderful world of teaching. What tools do I need to bring in terms of

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K. A. S. H.? Write your answers in billeted form. KNOWLEDGE C Enough background about the subject matter 0 Enough knowledge about teaching principles, concepts, strategies, and techniques O Sufficient learning ATTITUDE C] Have a sense of dignity 0 Integrity CLC Good values D Becoming a “real teacher” 0 Good upbringing SKILLS L] I must possess the five macro-skills D Sense of creativity D Flexibility in terms of lessons HABITS n Activities CLC Simulations CLC Games Am I really prepared to teach? Yes. I am really prepared to teach because I’ve undergone series of trainings and seminars before being deployed to my cooperating school.

However, I have enough learning that could apply in my teaching and that, I could use them as I go on with my training with the help of our supervising instructor, Mr.. Melvin A. Busboys, I have gotten all the necessary things that I must acquire yet useful both in learning of my students and in the teaching process. My Tasks Write on the suitcase, the cooperating teacher’s expectations that you need to fully understand during your practicum days to establish better relationships. 1 In the observation phase, need to focus of the following: Students’ behavior Learning styles Student-teacher relationship Sentence construction

Grammar composition 2. Fully realized that need to read more on the developmental stages of: Erik Erikson and Level Viscosity (Cite the developmental stage of the learner based on the grade / year level handled) Because: Erikson believes in the impact of the significant of others in the development of one’s view of himself, life and of the e world. He presented the idea about self-esteem and self-actualization. Viscosity emphasizes the role of social interaction in his theory. On of my first encounter with my cooperating teacher I realized that…

She is intelligent and knows a lot of teaching strategies that I may adopt and with hat, I could use them as I grow professionally and employ with my future students someday. On my first dealing with the learners I observed that… They still have to focus on the learning process because they are not serious enough with their studies. Meanwhile, the students should be taught more about the English Language because they cannot speak the language very fluently. Check only (V) only one ( 1 ) box and explain your answer: This day I fully realized that… I am really meant for the teaching profession because.. Till have to overcome my fears… Because I’m not yet that confident in facing and managing mixed-diverse dents. I might commit mistakes in teaching different lessons to them. Still have to study harder on my weakness. Still have other options because My Directions To better know my second home, I should do the following tasks: My Tasks Complete the chart of the school facilities. Record at least 5 facilities you have visited. Write down the importance of these in the teaching -learning process. School Facilities Importance Of these facilities in the teaching- learning process 1 .

Library This is where the students do research works. It is important to enhance the skills in reading and to widen their knowledge. 2. Guidance Office Counseling is done in this office. However, it is a part of the school where the students were given the chance to seek programs about counseling. 3. Media Room Media room provides students the chance to witness the school’s advancements in technology. 4. Gymnasium It provides recreation and leisure for the students. 5. Computer Laboratory It gives the students a chance to manipulate computers on their own. Useful Easy-reach conducive organized safe friendly After analyzing the school’s vision, mission and goals of ROSA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL (Name of Cooperating School) This school is an embodiment of virtues and integrity. It also wants to provide adequate learning to every student of Rosa National High School because this is a school where excellence is exercised and shown to the community. So I need to… To be bright in imparting knowledge so that the excellence being practiced and given to the students of this institution will be continuously exercised.

My Directions To get know my cooperating school better, I must do the following tasks: Establishing classroom routines is important because… It helps students be aware of the things being done in the class. Through classroom routines, the students would know how the flow of the class is. Meanwhile, classroom routines would create an atmosphere that is cool and conducive to learners. If I already have my own class in the future, I want to employ… The strategies I have learned from my critique teacher and all the learning I have acquired throughout my Practice Teaching. So that in the long runs… Loud be an effective, efficient and a quality teacher. To do the tasks, should be able to: Complete the task matrix. The activity: KNOWLEDGE or SUFFRAGE? Tasks to do: Prepare the students in performing an activity; Let them discover the topic through the activity they are going to do; The activity is played individually; The winner will have the chance to answer the jackpot question What to prepare: Four (4) boxes of zest-o Questionnaire The prize of the win near The steps performed to complete the tasks: 1234 Rate your accomplishment Using a continuum, I feel I accomplished the tasks in an outstanding manner… 43 2 1 Outstanding Very satisfactorily satisfactorily fair Needs Improvement Because… I have seen to my students that they have enjoyed the activity have given them. Moreover, the activity has done an initial part to arouse my students’ interest upon doing the activity. All of my students have participated in the said activity. Hind I can do better if… Classroom has more space so that the students could move freely. Realized/ learned that… A classroom which has no enough space for large number of students is a problem when it comes to doing an activity just like what happened to our activity.

My Tasks Schools vary in lesson plan format. Copy the lesson plan format required by your cooperating teacher. Confer with your cooperating teacher on how to go about the template to guide you in making the plan. June 24, 201 3 A Detailed Lesson Plan English IV l. Objectives: At the end of the period, 80% of the students are expected to: a. Determine the differences teen each type of oral report; b. Use one type of oral report in the class activity; and c. Appreciate the value of each oral report in their daily life. II. Subject Matter: A. Topic: Presenting Oral Reports B.

References: English Expressways IV, up. 10-11, Virginia F. Bermuda, De-D. Et. Al. C. Materials: Powering Presentation, Video Clips D. Skills: listening, viewing, writing, and speaking E. Value Infusion: Participate actively in group activities through cooperation F. Strategies: Group Activity, Discussion Ill. Learning Activities: Procedure Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity A. Preparatory Activities 1 . Greetings 2. Prayer 3. Checking of the Attendance B. Review/Drill Class wasn’t it that you have already discussed the uses of the pronoun “it” in the sentence? Yes Sir! C.

Motivation The teacher plays a video clip To present the different kinds of oral report. D. Lesson Proper So now class, from the video that you have watched, what were the words you have jotted down? (the students will answer) What do you think is our topic for today class? (the students will answer) (the teacher will discuss the different Kinds of oral report) E. Generalization If you were to choose between the four Ways of presenting oral report, which Which do you prefer? What would be The implication of it in your daily Life? (the students will answer) IV. Evaluation So class, I will group you into 5.

To practice Your skills in speaking, and apply one method In presenting oral report, we will be having A newscasters. There should be anchors, Reporters, and you should also have Commercials. The newscast includes: Local news National news Entertainment and Sports news Your activity will be graded by the following Rubric: Fluency and accuracy in news delivery-20 Correct pronunciation-20 Stage projection-10 (the students will perform) (the teacher is grading the reformers) V. Assignment Make a manuscript speech about high school graduation. Write it in a clean sheet of paper to be passed next Monday.

After writing my first lesson plan in my cooperating school, these are the things noted by my cooperating teacher. Best features The construction of my detailed lesson plan is well arranged The delivery of my lesson plan was good enough to impart learning The approach and strategy I used in executing my plan are suitable with the learning objectives and with the topic Areas of improvement Ask the student to form a small circle Call the attention of the dents who are not participating Let the students talk about what they have understood from the presented report Ask the students to give their examples in each type/method.

To reach my targets, I need to: Prepare Design Create My instructional materials Lessons / Activities Instructional Materials Other materials which can still be utilized 1. Oral Presentation Video Clips Recorded Tapes 2. Characteristics of a good speaker Visual Aids Video Clips 3. Concept Mapping Illustrations of different concept maps Powering Presentation 4. Elements of a short story Literary context and Powering Presentation Visual Aids 5. Greek Drama CD- film viewing Video clips In preparing my instructional materials, I realized that… Instructional materials must be…

Communicative in terms of ideas they would want to deliver to the students. They should also be economic and should also be a great help to the students in visualizing the concepts. Need to prepare instructional materials so that… My students could visualize the concepts I am teaching them. How does my cooperating teacher rate the instructional materials I prepared in the classroom? Are my instructional materials 543 2 1 1. Appropriate to the development of the learners? -V 2. Aligned with the objectives? V’ 3. Easy to prepare? 4. Durable/Sturdy? V/ 5. Appealing to the learners? 6.

Highly interactive? V’ 7. Colorful? V 8. Easy to manipulate? V 9. Practical/useful? V’ 10. Less expensive/economical? Q Total score Total Score: Average: Total Score: 44 Average: 4. 4 (Total Scores O) My Directions To do my first assessment tool, I must do the following: My Tasks The things that I need to consider when preparing my first assessment tool (activity sheet, quiz, chapter test, worksheets, etc. ) Write as many ideas about test. I shall use the first letter of the word to give as many concepts about tests. Complete these structured frames: 1 . Assessment tools are needed because… It helps the teacher determine whether or not his/her students learned something in the lesson; D It tests the skills of the students how far they have gone in the lesson; D It enhances the skills of students 0 It triggers the students to study better; D It gives limitation to the level of difficulty of the tests; and C] It examines the level of understanding of a student. 2. I considered the following things when I prepared my first assessment tool: L] The level of difficulty of the assessment tool; C The level of understanding of y students; and D The practicality and the validity of the assessment tool I have made.

Because… When assessment tools are given to the wrong students, the assessment tools being administered are not valid. Make sure that the assessment tool you are administering is suitable With the level of understanding of your students. How did m y students / learners perform in my first assessment tool? Check your answer and explain. Exemplary Very Satisfactory- my students performed very satisfactory on my first assessment tool because most of my students got high scores in the quiz have administered.

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