Portfolio: Continent and European Structure Assignment

Portfolio: Continent and European Structure Assignment Words: 641

Something I could have done to fix this assignment was to work more on it. By that I mean I could have put more time into it and made it more specific. The portfolio was beneficial to me because it taught me that I can apply writing in more ways than Just my English class. Also, I learned that writing can be used in Geography. It means that I can write more assignments that can be beneficial to me and help me reflect on my last term’s grade. European Structure: I chose to do my European Structure assignment because it was a fun project of mine.

I thought it was a well done assignment. A reason I did really well on the European Structure assignment was that I was doing a power point about a place hat was interesting to me. I really loved doing a power point about Europe because it was an easier assignment to do. Learning about The Eiffel Tower was an interesting thing to learn about. Something I could have done to fix this assignment was to work more on it and have in in on time. By that I mean I could have put more time into it, made it more specific and had it done on the day it was due.

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The European Structure assignment was beneficial assignment because I got to learn more about The Eiffel Tower. Also, I learned that The Eiffel Tower had more than 100 artist working together on it. Australia Map: The reason why I chose to have my Australia map is because it is one of the maps I liked the most from those I did. This map was a fun map to do. I liked doing it because I got to see all of the countries that are located in the Australia. I like to do the maps, including the Australia map, because we got to do a lot of coloring.

It was one of my favorite projects we did in third term. On the Australia map, I could have improved on it by taking more time on my coloring. I could have taken more time on the whole entire map too. That would have helped me make it better as well. I think that the most important part of this project as that I learned what and where all the countries were. I learned so much about where most countries in Australia and around are located. Also, I learned about Hawaii being part of Australia when I thought it was part of North America.

On the Australia map, I also learned Australia is one of the largest islands, and one of the smallest continents. Test; Asia Test: My test on Asia is another item I chose. I really was proud and I liked my score on this test. I was proud that I got 100% on this test. The way I can improve this assignment is by studying harder, and maybe, in a different way also. I know I got 100% on the est. but there is still room for improvement. I can take better notes, and pay attention and participate more than I already do in class.

Most important part of this test and unit to me was the learning about other places and another continent. Before we had this unit I didn’t know some of the things that I learned from class during this unit. The unit taught me what some of the countries are called in Asia, where some oceans are, etc. My favorite part of this unit was learning about things I didn’t know about. I really did enjoy some of the lessons we had. It was a very beneficial unit for me in third term on Asia.

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