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Application- In a debate for example, animal testing I might the side against animal testing however while beginning my part of the debate , I would acknowledge the other side of the argument by stating that animal testing hat has been used for scientific purposes for health and beauty related products has been dominated by ;o opposing views. One view of this issue is that animal testing helps save people’s lives. Chapter 2: Summary- This next chapter is mainly about summarizing.

The writers talk about how in order to write a really good summary you must put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to not loose your focus while stating the opposing view. It also says for a good summary you must use signal verbs that fit the action. Application-“Don’t blame the eater’ SUMMARY 1 : Zincked claims hat there are inexpensive and convenient alternatives to fast food, but don’t believe that it is true. Most restaurants are very expensive and sometimes just as unhealthy as fast food restaurants. These restraints also can serve the same thing as any fast food restaurant does.

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SUMMARY 2: In “Don’t blame the eater Zincked states that being overweight is a problem of cultural stereotypes, but is it? Being overweight can be a genuine medical problem too. Chapter 3: Summary-Len chapter 3, the authors discuss how to quote well in your writing and the most effective ways to introduce quotations and citations into their org. Along those same lines, it also describes ways in which the student should avoid introducing quotations, as this will not be proper and cohesive to the writing assignment.

Application- For one of my previous papers I had quoted sources explained whoa it meant and how it relates to my paper. I introduced my quote by first saying how it relates to my topic. Integrated them into my text by putting them where it relates. Chapter 4: Summary- In this chapter, the authors tell us that there are 3 basic ways to respond to another’s writing: you can disagree, have a qualified agreement ND also “agreeing and disagreeing simultaneously. They talk about the proper form of agreeing with a position or disagreeing with one and that you should have views that coincide with whatever your position might be.

Application- In “don’t blame the eater” the author disagrees with others in that people are to blame for being overweight. Chapter 5: Summary- Chapter 5 is about how you can differentiate your views from someone else’s in your paper. It describes how “voice markers” can be used to distinguish between your perspective and someone else’s that you might e using in your work. Application- I engaged 2 perspectives in one of my own writing and I distinguished my views from other views by keeping the main focus on my view and not the other.

Chapter 6: Summary-Len this chapter, the authors talk about possible objections that your reader might have to your particular views expressed in your paper. If you are a knowledgeable writer, you can possibly anticipate these objections and address them first in your writing so that you can basically avoid the disagreements that might arise from your particular vie;. Application- In my revises paper I have anticipated the objections because had done lots of research on that topic prior to writing it. I could use some of the language suggested in this chapter to help my answer.

Chapter 7: Summary- In chapter 7, they talk about the ideas of “so what? ” and “who cares”. The main point is to really try and help the reader understand your particular views or opinions about your topics and why it is that they should care as well. It is important to express these views, even if it is about a topic that should be obvious to the reader as to the answers. Application- In my previous writings I have not used so what? And who cares? My point here that animal testing should not be allowed should interest those who are animal lovers and have pets of their own.

Chapter 8: Summary- Chapter 8 is about the technique of a “constellation of key terms and phrases” to help the reader understand the writer’s intent and also describes how the writer must rep erase their positions “without sounding monotonous”. Application- In my past writing I do see some patterns and it seems that have a little repetition sometimes. There are no passages that are hard to follow. Chapter 9: Summary- in Chapter 9, the main point is the tone of the paper. It discusses different styles that a writer may choose to use something in their writing such as “Academic Style” or ‘Colloquial Style”.

The reader is instructed to be mindful of their “audience and purpose” when embarking on their writing piece. Application-Len my past writing, have used my own everyday words and structures which help me get my point across. Chapter 1 0: Summary-chapter 1 0 is about “In other words” or different ways of expressing ideas. It also describes the concept of “momentarily” and then lists some popular examples of this idea. Application- In making a case for the medical use of marijuana I am not saying that that it should be allowed to be used for anything else.

But my argument will do more than prove that on particular industrial chemical has certain toxic property. In this article will also show you what these toxic properties can do. My point about the national obsessions with sport reinforces the belief held in many people that sports are the most watched of the entertainment world. Chapter 1 1: This chapter is how you should link what you are about to say to something that has already been said in a class discussion and how to indicate you are changing subjects in the discussion.

Application-My point is this: Animal testing is wrong. Chapter 12: Summary- This chapter is about reading for the conversation. It talks about how to decipher a conversation, what motivates a writer and reading challenging texts. Application-elf I don’t use words like I of in my own view I might confuse some readers. Chapter 13: Summary- Chapter 13 is about what the data suggests and that you should tart with the data then present theories and summarize findings when writing a paper for science.

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