Police powers search detain and arrest Assignment

Police powers search detain and arrest Assignment Words: 388

Percentage of total assessment for the unit for this piece of assessment 4. Essay presentations and debates (six presentation topics and six debates). It must be different to the two topics a student has been allocated for their seminar reservation and debate.

Submission: ALL students are to submit their essays through blows within FOUR weeks of the conclusion of the block. 10th JULY, 2014, BY PM (Sydney time) – Sydney is 5 hours head, which means the due time is pm in Male’, Maldives. Length: The research essay is to be 1 ,500 words. Whilst some allowance will be given for up to 150 words either way on the word limit, essays will be rejected if they fall more than 200 words under the limit I. E. Less than 1,350 words. Similarly, essays that re in excess by more than 150 words will be read only to 1,650 words.

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Content and Style: A good assignment comprises both content and style. The Manchuria Dictionary defines an essay as ‘a short literary composition on a particular subject’. As this is a RESEARCH essay, students are expected to present their understanding of the arguments and come to their own conclusions based upon their own research. Please note: Sweeping statements or generalizations have no place in such an assignment and usually indicate that a student has undertaken little research.

Also, research essays will be marked down where the style is poor. Academic honesty, plagiarism and the internet Students are reminded that plagiarism is considered to be academic misconduct. Essays and presentations must be a student’s own original work and all sources must be properly cited. It is easy to search the ‘net’ and find information on a host of topics. You should be aware, however, of the weaknesses of the internet and the many problems associated with internet research.

There are few checks and lances about what appears on the internet and much material to be found there is unreliable or of dubious value as a source. By contrast, academic publishing and the better commercial publishing houses have a series of checks and balances, notably the refereeing process. Before an article or book is published it is refereed by peers. Web citations should include not only the full website address but also the author and their affiliation

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