Pharmaceutical drug Assignment

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All sources must be cited in PAP format. The full reference should be found at the end of the paper. Links to PAP reference guidelines are presented at the end of the course wallaby and an interactive tutorial is located in Week 3. Application Paper 1 (Due Week 4): New Pharmaceuticals TCO 2 deals with new experimental drugs and the steps required to bring new drugs to market. The first application paper deals with this as well. Describe the steps that are required to bring a new pharmaceutical to market.

Address topics like human testing, the role of the FDA in approving new drugs, and the cost incurred by drug companies when developing new drugs. Application Paper 2 (Due Week 7): Pain Medications Your first paragraph needs to outline the different types of drug to relieve pain. Then, you ONLY select ONE type of pain medication to describe the mechanism of drug action (Pharmacology) and the therapeutic efficacy. Furthermore, you need to discuss the adverse effects, abuse potential, and toxicities of such type of drug (if applicable).

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Finally, you will describe your opinion of using such type of pain medication. The two topic papers are worth 140 points (70 points each) and represent 14% of your total grade. Each paper will be graded on the following: Content 50 points Grammar/spelling 10 points References/citations 10 points Based on the following criteria: Content (double points for this category) 1 . The paper fulfills the purpose of the assignment as described in the syllabus and in this document (up to 10 points) 2. The introduction leads logically to the main idea or thesis (up to 10 points) 3.

Supporting evidence is developed and analyzed sufficiently (up to 10 points) 4. Conclusion provides insightful closure (up to 10 points) 5. The content flows logically and demonstrates an understanding of the topic Grammar/Spelling 1 . Sentences are grammatically correct (noun/verb agreement, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. ) (up to 5 points) 2. Spelling is correct (e. G. , homonyms used correctly, no misspellings) (up to 5 points) References/citations 1 . Sources are cited in the body of the paper using PAP format (up to 5 points) 2.

Reference list is included with the paper that lists only sources cited in the document (up to 5 points) Points will be awarded for each criterion on the following scale: 5 points = few or no weaknesses found; writer satisfies the criteria with distinction 4 points = strengths outweigh the weaknesses; writer shows sound understanding of criteria 3 points strengths and weaknesses are about equal; writer shows wariness of criteria 2 points = weaknesses outweighs strengths; writer shows limited understanding of criteria 1 point = weaknesses far outweigh strengths; writer does not show understanding of criteria Five points (5) will be deducted for each the following: No title page included Name is not on title page or in document Insufficient number of sources cited (must have at least one in addition to the course textbook) Please refer to Devilry’s Academic Integrity Policy located in the Policies Tab under Course Home in the online classroom. Any suspected violation of the Academic Integrity Policy will be handled according to the policy.

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