Personality Reflection Assignment

Personality Reflection Assignment Words: 501

Some key personality features for me are fair, I try to my best not judge or Ritchie others when working as a team as well as being fair to those work with and the classmates I have assignments within the future. I am an intelligent person capable of understanding a given scenario or situation handed to me. I can be impartial when I have to not take a side for a decision to be made for a particular problem and showing that I able to make a sound judgment on the subject at hand.

I can be dependable when the time comes, and I showed this well when serving in the United States Coast Guard as an Aviation Maintenance Technician working on C-130 Aircraft. Being bendable is a must when you are in the military because you have to be able to do your job, or it can cause a fatal mistake and create unnecessary risk to aircrews and to aircraft assets. To understand myself the key constructs use to explain my personality is extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and experience.

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I feel these four key constructs help distinguish who am as a person and establish relevance on the personality features that make me unique from my peers. Extroversion is used to be outgoing and thrive through life, agreeableness used to understand others around you, conscientiousness used to understand fairness, knowing our responsibilities and the consequences of our actions. Experience helps have the knowledge to whatever task I am giving and get it done right, also to be a leader to take charge and except responsibility.

Knowing how to be dependable allows an understanding what is expected of you show that I can complete an assignment giving to me and finish it the way it is supposed to be accomplished. I would say my personality stays about the same no matter the situation I put myself. If I’m in a heated argument, I will not attack a person or be faulting them for their mistakes even if am that angry with that person. It is likely I will try to contain my frustration and try to focus it through the disagreement. If anything would more forthcoming about helping the situation and try to make it better rather than make it even worse than it already is.

Most of the time though I’m pretty laid back and consistent on a day to day basis. When it comes to taking personality test, I have never taken one before. If I were to take a personality test, I would expect a test to measure intellect, behavior response, and strengths and weaknesses. With this test, it will show what kind of person I am to others around me inside work as well as outside. The test will help understand my shortcomings as well as my strengths when it comes to applying for a job or interviews for specific jobs of my choosing.

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