Personality Traits Assignment

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HEXANE personality measure and Swartz value scale with those of the evaluation done by one of my long term and good friends, I actually found that for the most part he knows me pretty well and many of our scores were similar. In fact, every single score was within 1 point of each other’s. Although it would have been interesting to have some disparities in certain categories this is k too as it gives me re-assurance of my personality and values.

A reticular score I was interested in was extroversion. I scored a 4. 8 and he scored me a 5. 1 . Although I completely agree that I am cheerful and optimistic, I don’t necessarily think of myself as extremely opinionated, which many extravert’s are. I also would have to agree on my low scores in tradition and high scores in hedonism. Traditional and religion have never been major values of mine and I do place a large value on pleasure, having fun, and going on vacation. I also scored higher in conscientiousness compared to my friends score.

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Potentially it means I might not be as organized and diligent of a person as I originally thought so that is something that I learned about myself and can work on. On a final note, I found it interesting that in the majority of Swartz values I was somewhere in the 3-4 range being very neutral. I actually agree with this as many of them I share some of the points and disagree with others. For example under power I do value social status and prestige but absolutely do not value control or dominance over people.

I think my biggest strengths in my rationality are my combination of agreeableness and high extroversion. I think of myself as a very easy going person, I’m usually very patient with other people and it takes a lot for me to truly get angry or upset. I’ll go out of my way to avoid confrontation usually and for the most part this makes me an easy person to get along with and fairly likeable. I also enjoy being social and have a large circle of friends. This transfers over in the workplace as I can get along with others and work well in team environments on projects.

I also place a high value on relationship in the oracle and feel it’s important to get along with your fellow employees. I am also extremely optimistic and will always look to problem solve a way out of a scenario whether it be at work, school, or with my friends. These strengths also come with some areas that I believe I can improve on. I score in the lower half of openness to experience and this means I could work on thinking outside the box and being more creative. In the workplace I do value conventionality and order, which can be good, however it wouldn’t hurt to expand my thinking by getting more creative.

This would e especially important if working on projects that don’t necessarily have set guidelines. One area, under conscientiousness, that I think people tend not to see about me is the fact that I am actually very organized, motivated, and structured. I like to know exactly what I’m doing and how to do something before I begin a project/ assignment. I can see how people wouldn’t see this so much in me because when I am in more social situations I tend to appear to be loose and not very organized. Because my evaluator’s scores were so similar to mine, I don’t really know if there are

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