Personal Ethics Statement Assignment

Personal Ethics Statement Assignment Words: 300

Personal Ethics Statement do agree with the results of the activity. Who does not have a dream job? This most defiantly would be mine. The main reason decided to start my own business was I wanted to control my work schedule and have a dynamic and changing environment. The career path I chose is very competitive, so the demand on my company to be innovative and have a creative atmosphere is high. Absolutely, I believe there is a relationship between effective study habits, technique uses and being successful.

This is true with everyday life. Without this ambition, it is very hard to become successful with your career or school. Life is a continuous learning environment, but it is how to take what you learn and apply to the things you want out of life. Balanced is the result of my Ethical Lens Inventory. I have no blind spot when it comes to seeing people’s strengths and weaknesses. Value autonomy, equality, rationality and sensibility equally. This goes back to one of our discussions in class about generations.

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My parents, who are from the hard working and respectful group, raised me with the same values ND traditions I intend to pass down to my own kids. Ethics play equal roles in both academics and the workplace. To be successful in those fields, hard work and honesty are important keys to get you anywhere. Be honest with yourself and colleagues. It is very hard to be a lucrative team with trust issues present. Sometimes, the work or assignment might not be that exciting but still has to be done. Everyone has to start somewhere, but it is the hard work and dedication you put in now is what will carry you to the end.

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