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If the same situation happened but at a small, local convenience store, I would address the issue to the clerk and get the appropriate change back. My personal ethics perspective is molded through the influences of my parent’s morals and values, my schools values, and my ability to empathic with others. For instance, whenever dealing with an ethical decision, inherently think, “how would all parties involved in a situation feel after I made some decision? ” If the benefits outweighed the costs, I would likely carry out my decision.

If it were the reverse, costs outweighed benefits, I would alter my decision. On a professional level, I expect myself to keep all promises that I make, but also to not make too many promises. I expect myself to make tough decisions and take risks, rather than sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to make opportunities happen. Taking risks shows that you can think ahead and they’re able to adapt to new ideas. For instance, if my boss said that he needs a project done by this Monday, and I’m unsure if I can meet the deadline, I will respond, “I’ll do my best to get you that project by

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Monday”. Then will work whatever hours necessary to get that pitch book done. If somehow the pitch book is not done, at least know that I did best to meet the deadline, and frankly, know there was no humanly possible way to finish the project within the timeline given. On a personal level, I expect pretty much the same morals and attitudes towards people. When making friends in a new place, like Drexel, I’m not going to wait for someone to come up to me to do something with them. I plan to take a proactive approach by joining clubs and approaching people myself.

On a professional level, from others, I expect to be respected by my boss and peers, and trusted with responsibility. If I’m not respected, I may have a hard time doing my work. If employers and/or coworkers cannot trust me, I can’t do my work as efficiently, and ultimately, the company is not as efficient. For instance, if I was continually being put down and annoyed by coworkers, inefficiency in the workplace would result as I would consistently lose focus and probably begin to reflect on my coworker’s behavior. Essentially, it all comes down to efficiency.

The better the work environment I am provided, the more work I can output. On a personal level, I expect trust and respect. Exactly the same as above, however, trust in this case is more important because without trust, relationships and friendships can never grow beyond a certain point. Everyone needs a friend that they can talk to about sensitive issues, safely knowing that the friend won’t tell the world your secrets. To me, core values tell your audience what you stand for in a nutshell. It’s a densely compact set of rules, principles and standards that you hold true to in any situation.

My core values are to: Improve the quality, knowledge and efficiency in myself to better my business endeavors, relationships, friendships, and ultimately, my own self. For example, once graduate Drexel University, I’m not going to just work at a 9 to 5 job doing tedious things. I’m going to continually educate myself even after graduation, either by taking additional classes, going to graduate school, or simply going to the library and reading books. In a field like finance, there are always new regulations, new businesses and thus new financial areas to uncover and explore.

To adapt to these new tools and widen my scope of competence in finance, I need to continually educate myself. My core values have influenced my decision making by holding me accountable for what’s right and wrong. My core values are what are keeping me from straying down a different, and potentially dangerous, path. For instance, one time, I wanted to just give up school because I never really liked it and never cared or realized that what I did then, would affect my future. My core values have led me to think ahead, and realize that school really is important to me.

That learning from a good school really will help me in life, and to get from point A to B, I have to work towards that goal each and every day. I immediately became engaged in school from that day on, and have never looked back. Currently, I am strong academically in every single of my courses, and no longer allow myself to receive a grade below an A- in anyone of my courses. If someone asked me to compromise my ethical foundation, I would remove myself from the situation that person put me in because if someone cannot make a good foundation, everything built up from it will come falling own.

In other words, if I cannot even stay true to my ethical foundations – the basic values I stand for -?? I can only be looked at as a hypocrite and in essence, stand for nothing. The world is more competitive than ever now. More people are competing for the same things, and when companies compete, the inferior ones fail. No one wants to fail, and when companies have already cut staff, lowered profit margins, and outsourced work, sometimes companies feel the only place they can find an edge is through unethical tactics. Also, think greed is more prevalent than ever.

Greed for money and greed for power. Recently, Goldman Cash Inc. Engaged in contradictory investment practices, and was charged with defrauding clients by the SEC. Goldman was found guilty and agreed to pay out $550 million dollars in damages. Basically, Goldman was selling financial instruments tied to the sub prime mess to its investors that Goldman knew would soon be worthless. Goldman knew they were worthless because Paulson and Co. , one of Goldman biggest clients, went to Goldman Cash and told them that they were going to bet against the sub prime loans.

Goldman Cash ended up making money by helping Paulson and Co. In making these hedging instruments, however Goldman Cash denies that they were betting against their clients, and claims that the company was simply hedging its bets. I think this took place because Goldman Cash wanted to make more money. Goldman Cash helped make these financial instruments for Paulson to make a profit. Goldman decided not to tell its clients that Paulson and Co. Was doing this, which I believe Goldman thought of as lack of due diligence and research on the clients’ parts.

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