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Organizations can make this process flow smoother and more effectively by showing appreciation to employees and properly training managers how to handle terminations and layoffs. Solution 1 Keeping up company moral before, during and after a layoff is very important to a business. Keeping employees comfortable during a layoff or restructure can keep the workflow moving forward. These layoffs can be very distracting to the entire workforce so the manager needs to be completely transparent with everyone by keeping everyone engaged, motivated, and proactive.

These tasks will keep everyone’s mind focused on work and not on the impeding layoffs. Its important to show all employees their contribution to the organization is appreciated; this in turn may prevent key talent that may not be even affected from the layoff from leaving in fear of another layoff. In return employees will see that even though there’s a layoff in process business will return to normal. Solution 2 One of the most effective solutions for the problem is to train managers how to properly terminate and lay off employees. It is essential for managers o know how to interact with employees that have different personalities.

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This is important because different employees will react differently. Some employees may begin to cry while others may show a stage of anger, which is why managers should be prepared for these situations. Training classes will be implemented for managers. In these classes managers will learn how to appropriately layoff or terminate employees according to different personality types. When a manager understands an individual’s personality type and mindset it will make for a smoother process; this allows them to set tone or mood, which appeals specifically to the individual, thus making them slightly more comfortable.

This will in turn help employees better understand the situation and the options they will have moving forward. In the end, it will give them the strength they will need to move on. Methods Utilized to Develop Creative Solutions Some of the methods used to develop the creative solutions include reviewing each other’s papers, deciding on the best solution, and we put the best solutions out there. We then incorporated the solutions that made the most sense to everyone. We also thought of some of the best practices with employers that help an employee cope.

Those are some of the methods we used to help with selection of the best two solutions. How Team Overcame Barriers on Deciding the Solutions We did not have many barriers to overcome. It was more of a ” that solution sounds and makes more sense than my solution” kind of thing. The biggest barrier is the conflict between work schedules. Majority of the time we are not logged in at the same time so we had to wait for someone to input on the assignment and go from there. Other than the schedule conflict believe everything else was a smooth transition since we agreed on everything.

Conclusion ultimately, this is one of the hardest procedures a company and employees have to suffer through. It’s important for companies to show appreciation towards employees and do their best to make them feel as comfortable as possible during this difficult time. The key to a proper termination or lay off is to train managers how to interact during these sessions. If these steps are followed it will contribute to a smoother and less distressing process for all involved.

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