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Luau clarifies on owe wisped is a software that allows people to “collaborate” in adding count .NET. In simpler terms anyone with an account can add,modify,rearrange or delete information n on any desired article. Luau also states that many articles consist of opinionated beliefs. Not all entries in the site will be objective for example controversial topics will most likely reflect on boot h sides of the issue. He goes on to say that anyone can create a website or pay to have a boo k published and claim to be an expert.

Which means that credibility among publishers lack on t his site. This article was a great example of a descriptive essay. He combined his own I ideas with quotes and paraphrases from his sources-as well as detailed facts to support hi s ideas. For example in page 4 Luau states, “Another problem with wisped is the ease wit h which entries can be easily edited, because the content of wish can be altered by anyone. “. Luau used the example Of the notorious case Of john Singletree Sir. He was a journalist w o was falsely accused in a wisped entry of being involved in the assassination of John F K needy. The false information stayed on the site for four months” This article was was well stated and made me realize how dangerous using WI skipped as a source can be. I was one of those people that would turn to wisped for assai stance when I would procrastinate an entire week on an assignment. Aside from risking flag racism the source might not even be as reliable as well written as it might sound.

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As stated by la this sites relies on the contribution of anyone who is willing to publish an article. They have t he right to write whatever they want, rearrange, delete or add to any article. Len concussion Wick podia is a great way speed up your researching process, its easy to access and there is information in just about any topic. However it shouldn’t be taken that serious since the sources can range from well critically acclaimed authors to a 12 year old with a well grasp of how to navigate the into rent and a wisped account.

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