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The most prominent and successful aspect of this course is scientific decision making based on formulating mathematical oodles for a system analyzing and optimization such models. It is also aims at to impart in-depth and rigorous knowledge to the business students to inculcate academic excellence in various fields of research, planning and development, with special reference to business management. Operations Research or Management Sciences course provides tools and methods to maximize the profit, minimize the cost and cut down the losses also need to approach optimal solution using quantitative techniques.

Course Learning Outcomes COOL # Description To understand the conversion of feasible solution(s) into optimal solution with the alp of quantitative techniques of the business problem such as transcriptional cost, assignment model, decision analysis etc. 2 To improve analytical skills by optimal techniques. 3 To learn better decision making skills by defined Operations Research tools and techniques. 4 To meet the real life business problems and resolve it by the possible techniques such as Project Management, Decision criteria, & Linear Programming etc. Teaching & Learning Methodology 1. Lectures demonstration 2.

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Handouts 3. Use of Multimedia 4. Group Discussion 5. Mini Case Study, 6. Presentations 7. Internet resource materials 8. Assignments (Small size project) Textbook(s) 1) “Introduction to Management Science” by Bernard W. Taylor Ill, 9th edition Reference Book(s) 1) Introduction to Operations Research by Frederica, S, Hillier, Gerald J. Lieberman, 9th edition 2) Introduction to Management Science -Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making by Anderson/Sweeney/ Williams 1 lath edition. 3) Principles of Operations Research for Management by Budding/McCauley/Mojave (Richard D. Irwin Inc. 1994 deed. 4) Operations Research by Painlessness, 2nd edition ) Operations Research: An Introduction, 7th Edition or higher By Hammy A. That Grading Policy Assessment Instruments Percentage Quizzes Assignments Mid-Term Examination 25% Presentation Attendance Class Participation Final Examination Week-wise Course Outline Session # Contents Activities (case studies, role plays, movie clips, exercises, presentations, homework).

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