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I am quickly finding out that becoming a successful online learner is an acquired skill. It is most definitely a lot more challenging than I expected. In today’s world, flexibility and convenience of online learning tend to be attractive to students. “Flexible class schedules mean you can participate when it’s convenient for you, within an assigned period” (Walden University, 2014). Working and attending school full time is a definite challenge, but the easy access and accessibility of online earning has made all the difference.

I started the program with a few skills that I knew would help me succeed. Self-discipline, persistence, and dedication with a goal in mind will perhaps be the key aspects to my personal success. I absorbed the importance of these qualities early on in nursing school as I struggled largely in cultivating new study habits. Self-discipline gave me the ability to stick to my resolutions and follow them through until completion. I believe self-discipline is one of the most important requirements in attaining goals.

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In addition to these skills, there are a few learning strategies that are also crucial to online learning. Planning out my week and creating a goal to study eight hours weekly is a strategy I’m aiming to implement. Vie devoted Sunday to gather my assignments for the week, and get organized. I use this time also to complete assigned reading materials and possibly even start creating a rough draft of my discussion post. I attempt to divide big tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks as to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

I have also purchased a weekly planner that helps me visualize all my deadlines and focus on key priorities. Individuals that engage in online learning lead busy lives and are part of multiple activities, so time management is one of the most important components for success. Carving out a specific day each week for school work has been beneficial to me. I check the My Walden Portal every day for updates or messages. A tip I found valuable and plan to incorporate into my routine is to “Make a daily “To Do” list.

Have fun checking things off the list as you complete them” (Seek Education, 2014). I have taken the extra time to read the syllabus in order to help me understand the expectations of my courses, which I believe saves me time in the long run by avoiding any large blunders. Online learning has the capability to transform higher education, and I think the prospect of higher education lies with this style of learning. Fortunately, the advances of technology make it easy and possible for students and instructors to create new and exciting ways to engage in learning.

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