Of Mice And Men Newspaper Assignment

Of Mice And Men Newspaper Assignment Words: 590

Each newspaper MUST include: An original title with a colorful logo or graphic: It should reflect something about the novel. Be creative!! Date, volume, and number: under the title, which is relevant to the book’s setting Index: article titles and the page numbers they can be found on, placed on page one in the bottom right corner page numbers: marked on each page (outside upper corner) Headlines and bylines for each article Graphic and/or photo: each article will include some sort of graphic and/or photo with a caption that explains it.

Each article should first be written as an essay in MS Word and then formatted into columns as necessary. Writing should be typed in 12 point font. Save EVERYTHING!! Save all work here at school as well as at home. Do not delete your work until you have received your final grade on this project. The tasks that will be included in your newspaper are as follows: A. Current Events Section: (include at least one appropriate photo/graphic) To begin this project, you must research America in the sass’s during the Great Depression.

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We have learned about the Great Depression in class, and owe you must find some information on your own. It is important that you do a thorough job with your research because you are going to have to include information and make connections to this time period throughout this assignment. You must find two significant events (nationally or locally important to this time period) to explicitly report on for this section Of your newspaper. You must summarize the important issues at stake in great detail. Each current event summary should be at least two paragraphs long.

Make sure that your stories are closely related to the appropriate time period e are referencing and that all articles are about a major topic (locally or nationally). Please make sure you are choosing stories that have real national news significance, NOT the latest Hollywood drama (the 193(Yes versions of Justine Briber and Lindsay Loan) B. One Spot News Story: (choose one) Your article must include the five Was (who, what, when, why, and where), as well as interviews of police reports, eyewitnesses, friends or acquaintances of the character which help to explain the circumstances. 1 .

Main Characters Headline Story – (include photo) Tells the full story of George and Leonie, their friendship and dream, strengths and weaknesses (may include details about Candy and Slim). Quotations from your interviews of these characters of those who knew them must be included. 2. Antagonists Article – (include photo) Tells the full story of Curler and his wife, their personality traits with examples Of from the novel, or from other local residents who knew them. 3. Police Report – (include photo) Tells about one of the “arrest worthy’ events from the novel, including witness reports and specific details from the novel. . Book Review – (include graphic) Write a review of the book Of Mice and Men. Pretend that it was just published. Discuss the literary elements that made the book successful. Relate it to the people in Salinas who might read it. Tell whether or not you recommend it and explain why or why not. C. One Feature News Story: Minimum 500 words (choose one) 1 . Advice Column – Pretend two of the characters each wrote a short letter to your advice column about the major problem they face in the story (they should write with assumed names related to their problem).

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