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Ta king this class made me realize the difference in race/ ethnicity, social class, sex/ gender, sexuality ability, age, and other personal qualities. Human Growth h also taught me other things that’s in the world that I would never an ewe existed. Growing up in areas around people that never get the chance to learn about other people cultures did affect my way of thinking. Always knew someday I would meet someone within another culture, and taking this class has validated all those stereotype theories I’ve been taught w hill growing up. Knew there were many cultures and different beliefs b fore I took this class.

There are so many myths out here in the world that has affected the way I t hint. This is why Human Diversity taught me to always do research beef re I writing something or say something about another culture. This www RL is very big and full with different races and cultures with their own beliefs. You can never stop learning and studying the world because the re is so much out here that is interesting and different from other thing s. The way other people act also plays an important role within the rest alts that guides us by our values of our cultures.

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This includes our daily i attractions with one another as well. Before I took Human Diversity, my worldview were the beliefs an d myths which include the stereotypes I have been taught in my earliest year in school, by my family, my friends and attending a Baptist church . I have always believe that there is one God who loved the world so m such that he gave his only begotten son to die for our sins. However, I would never notice that there are so many other different religions in t he world that do not believe in God. I only was taught growing up that there was only one God until took this class. Covered that there i other god’s within different cultures with different names that includes: Allah, Hindu, Buddhism, Mother Earth and Mother Nature. I have learner d that these are different god’s that are worship all around the world in different forms. Also have always thought that black people, (African Americans), was the only race that struggled for their rights and was the e only race that has been brutally beaten and treated badly while fight Eng for their equal rights. Taking this class has taught me that other race sees all over the world has struggled for their land and equal rights to be come a citizen.

I also noticed that there are a lot of immigrants in the United State and now when I see an immigrant I wonder if they are legal or illegal. I would never notice them as an i immigrants until I took this class and learned their history and how they came over to the United State for freedom and better opportunities. Human Diversity also showed me how white privileges has an IM pact on society and how they have so much power over other races. Oaf term discussing, “Daily effects of white privilege,” this essay helped me race agonize their power and how it’s affecting other race and how others HTH k of them by having those privileges. Also learned the difference from high class, middle class, and low class, by which label myself in the I owe working class, working my way to the middle class. However, in the beginning of this class was confused, this class made me upset with some of our class discussion We Went over in class and on the disk concussion broad. This was because I was blind and didn’t know what was in the world, but this class helped me realize certain things in the world that I have never noticed.

Therefore, taking this class has prepared me o face the world and other cultures as well as their race/ethnicity, sew gender, sexuality and their beliefs. Each and every assignment including the films and reading has b en a learning experience to me. Especially the first film we watched in class, “Namesake” which I have learned their family Indian heritage and noticed how different they were from the society in the united States. P lulus, noticing how United States can affect someone in a different culture for example: how society affected Gauguin in the movie and made him turn away from his heritage.

The second film I enjoyed watching in class s, “Birdcage” this movie taught me not to judge gay couples, and it SSH owed me how gay couples can be great parents, like how they was to t heir son Vale. This film also showed me that gay couples can raise a chill d and it won’t affect that child’s life or make that child confuse while gar owing up. Vale was an intelligent man, even though his parents was gay, it didn’t affect his life as being a heterosexual man. He fell in love with a women and decided to marry her. Also, watching the short films on Blackboard has helped me realize the struggles and issues other people ace in this world.

The short film on trans- gendered children was very interesting. While watching the young children and their parents discuss how their child has opposite organs from thee r appearance. There also was a discussion on how this disorder was affecting others who were ashamed of their condition which lead them to suicide. The short film about gay bullying by, “Ellen Degrees” on creates social support network for GLUT youth has real y touched me and made me realize how people can be a problem to o there in society because of them being different.

Therefore, this class made me realize the gender roles in society and ho with stereotype has a big impact on females in the media. Also how m en get higher positions in the working field and higher pay then women n. What also was? Very interesting to me was Ore reading ‘The Five Sexes Revisited”. This r eating made me notice that males and females were not the only sexes in the world. Females and males are the two sex system surrounding our society, there are also three other sexes called herms, merges and f ERM that has been hidden promiscuity .

What also was interesting to e was the difference between understanding transsexual, and how the y both deal with a women becoming a man and a man becoming a women, but in different forms. There is So much to learn about ourselves and Human Growth and Development is a great class to enhance your knowledge. This class has taught me a lot and it also has changed my thinking towards certain issues within society. This class has prepared me as a School Counselor not judge others or their beliefs. It also showed me how important it is to learn and understand my own culture before learn someone else’s culture and their beliefs.

Therefore, as a Social Worker I am going to face many race with differed NT cultures and this class prepared me so I won’t compare my belief an d situations with others, but noticing how everybody is different and ma y not believe and think in the same form as I. Human Development has TA aught me to accept others as they are and to learn to block out what I believe e when outcome to working as School Counselor dealing with different people in society. This class will become more influential in the future due to the many things being discovered today.

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