Nutrition and Diet Analysis Assignment

Nutrition and Diet Analysis Assignment Words: 564

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Identify basic roles of most nutrients in the body and recognize the interrelationships of the functioning nutrients. 2. Identify the effects of deficiencies or excesses of nutrients on health. 3. Assess the nutritional adequacy of a diet. 4. Recognize various dietary and nutritional guidelines. 5. Identify food sources of nutrients and be able to identify whether or not a diet meets dietary/nutritional guidelines. 6.

Recognize that there are many ways to achieve an adequate diet. 7. Know how to integrate nutritional principles into own lifestyle. 8. Evaluate popular ideas and practices in the U. S. Concerning food and nutrition. 9. Recognize that people’s food practices are frequently influenced by factors other than nutrition information. 10. Use computer software for evaluating dietary intake. 11 . Evaluate web sites for accuracy of information. 12. Use the DU electronic communication system effectively (e. G. Activate DU email and use Assai).

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Course Requirements Item 3 of 4 exams @OHIO points each Assai Assignment Diet Analysis Assignment I>clickers use and participation Final (Required) Total Grading based on percentage of total points: = 558-600 points = 540-557 points + = 522-539 points B = 498-521 points = 462-479 points D+ = 402-419 points F = below 360 points = 438-461 points D = 378-401 points Points 25 150 B- = points = 420-437 points D- = 360-377 points Exams: 5. Exams will generally be multiple choice in format and consist of 50 questions. Questions will come from material covered in class and assigned readings.

Exams do not circulate but students are welcome to review exams by appointment. No programmable calculators or cell phones are permitted during exams. No make- up exams. If an exam is missed, it will count as the lowest exam grade unless there is laid, written medical or emergency reason. A study guide for each exam and the final is posted under Resources in Assai. The textbook website has practice questions and is available on the Assai. Online Assignment: An online assignment will be administered in Assai on Tuesday, Cot. 1. There is no lecture/class meeting this day. The assignment will be available from 2 p. M. On this date until 5 p. M..

After this, it will NOT be available for credit unless a student has a written, valid medical excuse. Feel free to use any resources you have available including notes, the text and the internet. The assignment is timed so preparation is advised. You will be given 1 hour for the 25 questions. Follow directions posted on Assai. Attendance/Len Class Activities: Many classes will include in-class activities to promote application and learning. These principles may be tested on exams. Powering slides provide a lecture outline only. Take complete notes. Notes are posted In salsa near Resources. Print Ana Drying to class Tort ala In note taking.

Clicker attendance, questions and polls will be done during each class period. 4. Please do not use cell phone to text during class as it distracts other students. Course Communication 1 . Check Assai and University e-mail regularly for course communication. 2. Check Assai and email in the event of weather conditions. Diet Analysis Assignments All assignments are due on the date due. Diet Analysis is due at the beginning of class on due date posted. Ten percent per day will be deducted for late work. Instructions for Computer Diet Analysis Project are posted on Assai under Resources and then under Diet Analysis Project.

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