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Shah Lam is one of the universities that provide the students with hostels that are equipped by lots of facilities that are easily reach by the students. However, the quota that was set up for students is limited and this will lower the chance for the students to get into the hostels. There are problems that are facing by no-residence students such as lateness to the class. This problem occurs due to the lack number of public transport provided to these non-residence students.

For the non-residence students who are bringing their own car, also having the problem because of the hectic raffia jammed. The non-residence students are easily exposed to the safety problems especially for the girls because the increasing number of crime rate which usually faced by the girls. For example, nowadays there are people who are taking advantage from the girls, like problems involving maintenances in their rented house. Another problem related to the non- residence students are the high cost of living. The average range of a house is from ARM 850 to ARM 1200 per house.

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Besides than paying for the rental, they need to bear the costs of transportation and utilities. These problems will dead to the increasing of burden by the students that will faced by them, and these will definitely affect their studies too. 1. 2 Statement of the problem Licit has experienced a dramatic growth in the number of students every semester. The university authority provide limited quota for the students to stay inside the campus. Because of this numerous problems, students have no choice rather to stay outside the campus.

The problems that faced by students can actually effect the student’s performance. Given the situation, it is high time that the Licit administration take serious efforts in handling the Seibel problems that may arise from the student’s perspective. 1. 3 Purposes Of the Study Growth number of CCITT students caused many senior students which are currently part 2 until part 8 have to staying outside of the campus. Due to insufficient quota for students staying in hostel, many of students have to rent house which cause their expenses are higher compare to students that staying at hostel.

Apart from that, efficiency Of the Licit non-residence unit is needed to be measured. In response to this concern, it is important to conduct this study to find out problems that non-residence students faced. Besides that, the purpose of this study also to find out either non-residence unit of Tim is helping non-residence students or not. Not only that, the findings may give suggestions to non-residence unit in order to help students that staying outside. 1. 4 Objectives of the Study The objectives of this study are: 1 .

To identify problems that faced by non-residence students. 2. To determine the measures to be taken to overcome the problems faced by non- residence students. 1. 5 Research Questions Objective 1 To identify problems that faced by non-residence students. Research Question 1 What are the problems faced by non-residence students? Objective 2 To determine the measures to be taken to overcome the problems faced by non- residence students. What are the suggested recommendation and measures to overcome the problems faced by non-residence students? . 6 Significance of the Study The objective of this study is to identify problems faced by non-residence students of CCITT. The findings of this study are important to help Tim non- residence unit to find out any type of help that can be offered to non- residence students to ease their hardships staying outside campus. This study also can help to improve non-residence students life and also at the same time to help CCITT non-residence to improve their services. Thus, the findings can give benefits to students and also CCITT. . 7 Scope of the Study The study is about finding out problems faced by non-residence students of CCITT and ways to help them. The respondents were non-residence students of CCITT were randomly selected by the research team themselves. The data collected via questionnaires were distributed from April 22 to April 26 this year. 2. 0 Literature Review Student housing plays an important role in the academic support mission elated to student affairs. Student success and perseverance can be impacted by living environment factors.

Student housing consist two type of accommodation namely, living off-campus resident and living on-campus resident. Living off-campus is a student housing located or available outside the campus (Dictionary. Com, 2013). By living off-campus, students are require to live in family housing like apartment, condominium, terrace, semi detached and detached house. Non-Resident student is a term that used to describe a student that living off-campus. In term of this research, Non-Resident (NOR) dents are CCITT students who live outside the campus (NOR Management unit, 2013).

The responsible unit in managing non- resident student settlement is known as Non Resident Management Unit (SPIN). UPON is a unit under Student Affairs Division (HEAP). This unit normally will help non-resident students for searching houses around Shah Lam area. It is also helping non- resident students’ welfare. UPON had officially operated their services on the 4th of April 2006. This unit is lead by one Non-Resident Manager, assisted by two Non-Resident assistant manager, two general clerk and three office assistants. This unit reports directly to the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

Services provided by SPIN are provision of housing database for non-resident students, preparing a rental and safety guideline, assisting non-resident students to perform their programmer, activities and community services, giving an approval on car sticker application, guide a meeting with Community Committee Members, Mosque committee and local authorities, carry out a visit to non-resident students rental housing, advisory for non-resident students who need help and becoming a middle person between student family, landlord as well as the university. There are some facilities offered to the non-resident students.

The first facility is the Prima Swiss Complex that located inside the campus. Prima Swiss Complex has a lounge to hang out while on campus. It includes a large screen television, day lockers, information racks, bulletin board, pool table, fastball, indoor games, prayer room and student activity room . The second facility is the Licit Student Service Centre that located outside of the campus. This centre is located at Section 7 Commercial Centre. It includes free internet surfing which provides wired and Wi-If, self service laundry and small lounge. . 0 Methodology 3. Introduction The main purpose of the research is on the problems faced by undergraduate students who are no residence in campus. To identify problems that faced by non-residence student and determine the measures to be taken to overcome the problems faced by non-residence students at Licit situated in the Shah Lam are with 40 population was chosen. Data for the research were collected through questionnaires and observation. 3. 2 Research Instruments This research utilized both the quantitative and qualitative research methodology. The instruments used to collect the data were questionnaire ND observation.

A set of questionnaire containing 30 questions divided in 2 sections were developed. Different question types, such as yes-no, listing, category, open ended and scales were used in the questionnaire. The qualitative data for the research come from the observation. Observation method of data collection is through research. In this study, observation is used for the purpose of identifying problems that faced by non-residence students and to determine the measures to be taken to overcome the problems faced by non-residence students. 3. 3 Respondents of the Study

The respondents of the study were second year undergraduates from Bachelor of Corporate Administration course at Tim Shah Lam. In April 201 3, a total of 35 questionnaires were distributed to students at Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies. A total of 30 students returned the questionnaires of these numbers, 10 were male students while the rests 20 were female. 3. 4 Research Procedures During the actual study, the questionnaires were distributed at various locations on campus, such as entrance of to the faculty, several classes and bus stop.

Respondents were approached with an initial question whether hey are staying outside the campus, before the questionnaires was given to them. 3. 5 Data Analysis To analyze the data, perceptions of the students were takes into account. A few tables Were created to analyze the data from respondents. Data were entered into the computer using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Results were presented through frequency counts and other descriptive statistics. The data were transcribed into a certain graph and analysis. 4. 0 Findings and Discussions Figure 4. . : Problems faced by students staying outside campus The bar chart shows the problems that are faced by the non-resident students. From this bar chart, it can be seen that most of the students having expenses problems which is 26 students. There are the same number of students that are having problems with the time and problem with friends which is 17 students for both of the problems respectively. There are 15 students who are facing safety problems. The numbers of students who are facing transportation problems are only 12 students.

From the problems that are listing above, the numbers of students who are facing expenses problems are higher compare to the numbers of students who are facing other problems. As a student, living outside the university amp’s is such entering into a big problem because usually living outside the campus needs a lot of money. The non-resident students need to pay for the rent, the electric and water bills, the food, the maintenance of the house and many more. Besides that, students who use their own transport such as car and motorcycle need to pay for the petrol too.

With the limited balance of Preponderant Tabbing Appendices Timing National (PPTP) loan after deducted the education’s fee, these non-resident students need to use the money wisely so that they can survive with the money until the end of the semester. Besides that, both problems with friends and time problems show an equal number of students which is 1 7 students. It can be assumes that “friends” in this situation means the students’ housemates. To bear the high rental, each rental house usually being occupied by 7 to 10 students per house in order to pay a lower rental.

When there are too many housemates, there will arise some unwanted conflicts such as about the cleanliness of the house, the behavior of the housemates and many more. For example, if one student wants to do the revision, she needs to find a suitable time to do the revision cause the other housemates like to create noises. This will leads to a problem because of the dissatisfactions towards the housemates. Other than that, time problems are also another problem that are facing by the non-resident students.

The location of their rental house maybe not just a stone throw from the campus. For the students who are renting quite far from the campus, they need to go to class early in the morning to avoid traffic jam. When they are trapped in the jam, they might be arriving late to class. Facing the safety problems showed a number of 15 students. When the dents are staying outside the campus, they are exposing too many kinds of crimes. The crimes usually aimed at female students as well as the male students. The crimes include the burglary, sexual harassment, pick pocket, and snatch thief.

These crimes make the students feel worries about their safety. Last but not least, the transportation problems showed the least number of students which are only 12 students. It can be assumed that from all of the respondents, all of them are renting houses which are located nearer the bus stops. So, the number of students who are facing the transportation problem eight come from students who are renting at the not strategic area that are not easily reach by the public transportations such as taxi and bus.

In conclusion, all the 30 respondents have problem when they living outside the campus and the types of the problem they face is not serious as many of them stated that they can manage or solve the problems effectively. It is recommended that all the Non-residents must solve their problems efficiently so they can live outside the campus in peace conditions. They also may get help from other authority or unit such as counseling unit to advise them. Figure 4. : Transportation by Non-Resident Student This bar chart shows that transportation used by non-resident students.

The general trends indicate that most students preferred bus as their first choice of transportation to go to class. Out of 30 respondents, 10 females and 4 male students have made bus as their most preferable transportation. The number of male students prefers to go to class by bus is equal to the number of female students who prefer to walk to class which is 4 students respectively. Moreover the graph shows that there are no male students that prefer to walk to class compare to the female students which is 4 students.

Besides that, the number of female students who prefers to go to class by car is higher compare to the male students which are 5 and 3 students respectively. Other than that, from the graph it can be seen that more male students prefers to go to class by using motorcycle compare to the female students. It can be proved by the number of male students which is 3 and the number of female student which is 1. It can be conclude that female students chose bus as their preferable transportation as a higher number of students prefer them. The female students chose the bus maybe because of the higher level of safety and lower cost.

They think that by using the bus, they become more secure because there are many colleagues use the transportation too. As for the male students, they are more preferred to use motorcycle and car maybe because of both of the transportation can reduce the time taken to come to class. Usually the students who use bus have to wait for a quite long for the bus to come. It is recommended that Tatum’s management unit should provide a few free of charge transports such as bus and bicycle to minimize the cost of student’s transportation usage. 4. Level of safety at rental house The bar chart shows the level of safety at rental house. From the bar chart, we can see that most of the male students feel less safe to be non-resident which is 5 out of 10 male students. It is proposed that the male student aware about their safety more than female students. These male students concerned about their place because they think as a guy they should act bravely in front of their male friends and they are in responsible to protect the person who are in the opposite gender if they are hang out together.

The male students really aware about the unsafe situations in their rent house environment and try to avoid these situation, that’s the reasons of why they eel less safe living outside the campus. Moreover, the 2 male students feel safe staying outside the campus while the balances state that’s so risky living in rent house. From the finding, the male students feel safe staying at rent house is because they learn the technique to defend themselves against strangers. For example, they learned teakwood, karate and sisal.

Through these practice, they had build their confident level to face with strangers and knew the steps to apply in defending themselves. In addition, they are also feel save because they think they live in harmony area that is no or rare crime cases recorded at their lace. All these situations make all these students feel save and peace living at the rent house. In addition, it also can be see that 4 female students do not feel risky living outside the campus and both level of safety and less safety achieved the same of amount which is 8 female students.

Due to this situation, female student probably feel that they are safe enough living outside the campus because they have many friends living with them instead of male students who like to be alone and have lesser friend than female students. In other words, the female students might think that the probability harm to get close tit them is lesser if they have many friends to accompany them outside the campus. TO compare, the number Of female student feel safe living in rental house is higher than the number of male student with the amount 8 and 2 respectively.

Moreover, female students also feel risky living outside the campus compare to male student with the amount of 4 female students to 3 male students.. In overall evaluation, almost half of the respondents feel less safety stay outside the campus and most of them feel that living in rental house is not risky. As a conclusion, most of the respondents in this survey feel that living outside the campus is not too risky. They can adapt the environment confidently and learn the value of independent by staying in rent house. By this, they know how to handle strangers and to avoid unwanted situation happened to them.

It is good practice for them as they have to stay by their own when they working in the future. Apart from that, they also must also have police number or any authority body’s contact as a safety guide if they are in trouble. Figure 4. 4 Percentage of average expenses of Non-Resident students According to the chart, clearly we can see staying outside the campus is very costly and expensive. From the observation made, it shows that most of the non-resident students had to spend extra from their monthly expenses compared to those students who staying in college.

This can be clearly seen from the result that we get from the respondents. Most of the respondents had to spend ARM 450-650 in a month for their monthly expenses. This is because most of non-resident student had to bear many expenses such as petrol for those students who bring in car to the campus as well as for their food and utilities of their rental houses. From the result that we obtained in the questionnaire, 1 3 respondents agreed that they eve to spend lots of money when staying outside the campus. The cost of living in Shah Lam is higher therefore it affect the students who staying outside the campus.

In addition, there are 1 1 respondents’ shows their monthly expenses basically range from ARM 250-450 in a month. This result may be due to those students who staying outside the campus are staying nearby the campus. For example, the students using public transportation such as bus to reach campuses. Hence, the cost of transportation may be less as compared to those students who drive to come to the campus. The cost of living and how he student came to class affect the result of their individual monthly expenses. Lastly, the least number of non-resident students who is their monthly expenses range ARM 150-250 is 6 respondents.

This may be due to the students stay at their families’ houses may not incurred any rental and addition expenses. They have their own place to Stay and everything is well- prepared. Furthermore, those students who stay at their families’ house may not have problems in safety issues. In a conclusion, this result shows that student who staying outside spend more money rather than student staying in the college. This can be due to the transportation cost, rental expenses and utilities that make them spend lots of money on their monthly expenses.

This can be concluded that staying outside the campus needs lots of money and less protection. Figure 4. 5 : Problems with utilities The graph shows the percentage of students who are having problems with utilities. From the graph, most of students have no problem with utilities. It is suggested that most of them feel comfortable out there. But, compared between the three utilities, there are more students have problem in telephone and Wi-If which is 26. 67%. Based on the problem facing by dents, we can assume that the students may have many problems in doing their assignment.

It is because they have to seek for findings and do research to complete their task. In addition, difficulties to connect with people in the area also may become serious problem to them. For example, if they have an emergency but there is no line connection and if they want to discuss their homework with friends, they have to go to certain area to make a phone call. As we know, water is essential for human beings and it is important for human to run activities in their daily life. Humans use water for drinking washing, bathing and many more. From the chart, 90% of the respondents do not have any problem with water.

From this finding, we can conclude that almost of the student satisfied with the water services their rent houses. We can assume that the quality of water at their place is in good condition. For example, water is not polluted, there is no breakage and spoilage of water and they can still bear the charges of water monthly. Moreover, it can be seen that many student who live outside the campus are responsible community as they do not waste the usage of water as they really satisfied with their monthly water’s bill. In addition, electricity is one of the most important utilities for students who live in rent house.

If they want to live comfortable in their rent house they have to pay for monthly electricity charge. From no the chart, 86. 67 Of students have no problem with electricity. We can assume that probably they have no problems such as blackout, high charge of electricity, and good electricity services at their place and there are sufficient electricity components in their rent house. Electricity is important to student as the need comfortable environment such as sufficient light to do their assignment and fan to keep them cool, to charge their gadgets such as laptop and loophole, and many more.

According to the chart, the number of students having problem with electricity is more compared to the number of students having problems with Water which is 13. 33 and 10. 00 respectively. It may because electricity problem is harder to fix compared to the waters problem. For example, if there is blackout in an area, all the houses will have no electricity and the students have to go to other place to use electricity. But, if the housing area have problem have with water service, they still have many choices of how to get water such as they can buy drinking water at shop for drinking.

In conclusion, utilities such as water, electricity; telephone and Wi-If are most important utilities for students to stay comfortable in the rent house. Hostels in the campus also provide all these utilities and the cost charges by hostels are much lower than the cost charges in rent house. Fifth non-resident student having any problem with the utilities in their rent house, they may refer the problems to the non-resident unite located inside the LICIT Shah Lam campus.

This body will help to fix the problem facing by student and give suggestion to overcome the problem. 4. 6 : Recommendations to overcome problems by students There are many problems that face by non-residence students of CCITT. Thus, many solutions must be taken in order to overcome problems by non- residence students. This data is collected using scale question. Respondents are needed to indicate the level of agreement. The purposes of these questions are to find out any solution in order to overcome problems faced by non residence students.

For which agreement stated that non residence unit should help students that staying outside, most of non residence students indicate strongly agree with the statement. There are 12 students that indicate strongly agree that non residence unit should help non accidence students and about 17 students just indicate agree. There are only a respondent that strongly disagree for non residence unit to help students. However, it can be concluded that 1 00 percent of non residence assist help from non residence unit. Thus, non residence unit should assist students when they faced with any problems.

The other solution that suggested is CCITT should provide more buses for students staying outside. 14 respondents out of 30 students are using bus as transportation for come to class. There are 21 students that indicate strongly agree for this statement while 9 students agree. There are no students that disagree with this statement. As bus is the most preferable transportation for those staying outside and they may experience problem come late to class due to lack of buses, provide more buses is the best solution to help them.

Besides that, providing more buses for them also could help them to cut their expenses on transportation as they are less depending on public buses such as Rapid. The Other solution in order to overcome problems faced by non residence students is by non residence unit provide them place are that safe for students to find rent house. The place the probability for crime such as match to happen is low and has good utilities. There are few non residence students that have been become as victim of snatch.

To avoid this case to happen to another students guide them to live in safe area would minimize probability crime to happen. Majority of respondents agree for non residence unit provide safe area for them to live. Besides that, non residence unit also should help those students that face difficulties to find rental house. At the early of new semester non residence students normally face problems to find rental house. Sometimes there are no house available and the price also not affordable for students. As a suggestion, non residence unit should help those face this problem.

Non residence unit can deal with all owners of rental house to rent their house with affordable price for students. Not only that, non residence unit also should provide students with a list of available house to be rented. Thus, students’ problem regarding difficulties to find rental house can be reduced. Most of respondents agree that non residence unit should help student that have problems to find rental house.

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