Living in Campus Assignment

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Continuing studies in universities or colleges is a part of students’ life. More and more students go to study far from home. Thus, housing is one of the problems that they might be faced. From my personal opinion, I believe that living in campus housing would be a best choice because it provides an appropriate circumstances of academic atmosphere and even more thrifty. As a student, the surrounding might be one of the factors that affect one’s academic achievements. He would need more academical atmosphere to concentrate on his studies and in campus housing can provides such thing.

Facilities provided such as university library is a good example, where one can find a lot of resources to complete his assignments more efficiently. Besides, most of in campus housing provide internet for students’ usage for free and this definitely helps them a lot in pursuing excellence academic results. In different scenario, living in campus housing also helps students to manage their financial planning. As living in campus housing, one should not worry about the budget for transportation since the university management has provides shuttle buses that helps him to move from place to place.

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Contrary, living in off-campus housing would burden one with this transportation problem because they need to look over the budget for it, especially those who drive to campus. In conclusion, though it is undeniable that living in off-campus housing is free from any rules and regulation, living in campus housing still the best choice since it provides the students with an academical surrounding and more economical which is more important than entertainment.

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