November Assignment

November Assignment Words: 303

Every businessmen/women start off with one major purpose – maximum profit. In this world of rapid changes in technology, product development, branding and competition, how can they ensure that this goal Is achieved? You are required to outline a minimum of strategies that every business person should undertake. You are currently a salaried employee but you harbor hopes of being an entrepreneur.

Discuss some of the “risks” and “rewards” of being an entrepreneur impaired to a salaried worker. Justify your discussion with example(s). External reading sources are a necessity. The consistency of government polices Is Important to the direction and health of the economy. Using ONE (1) example of a country. Discuss how good government policies may contribute to the well-being of its economy. Discuss the impact of trade protectionism on a country competitiveness edge in international trade.

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How do banks decide which Is more Important at any given time and what are the factors that Influence this decision? Justify your answer(s). 3rd Question To determine the sustainability of a firm and the availably of a product/service, It Is Important to know the types of market In which It competes In. Using the monopolistic market as the marketplace, discuss the steps and/or strategies a monopolistic Tell must employ In order to ensure Tanat It continues to survive Ana rosier. You are required to choose only ONE (1) of the above.

Each group is required to present their work in a power point format. Every member of the group is required to participate actively in the presentation. Marks will be awarded on individual basis. You shall be given a period of FIVE (5) weeks to finish the assignment. Deadline will be on 10th June. Presentation will commence from 14th November 2014.

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