Newspaper and Western Herald Assignment

Newspaper and Western Herald Assignment Words: 370

Single-spaced, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman 12 apt. Font up to 300 words Reflection Essay 1-2 pages Bibliographic Documentation: evidence and sources should be consulted and referenced as appropriate for publication In Western Herald. Addresses questions as outlined on the Rubric Overview: With the previous unit, we explored personal writing suitable for academic audiences y reading scholarship from anemographic texts and academic Journals.

For this unit, we’ll shift our emphasis to public writing that Is also suitable for academic audiences. While we’ll plan to read academic scholarship, we’ll also explore different genres for which academic texts are suitable, including editorial publications. More specifically, we’ll look at opinions and letters to the editor published by the Western Herald. As we plan to work specifically with the letter to the editor genre, we’ll pay close attention to how argumentation styles, uses of evidence, and consultation of sources differs when writing a scholarly autobiographical academic essay.

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To prepare for the composition of editorials, we’ll read sample letters to the editors, and arguments pertaining to cultural diversity. The Task Your task will be to compose a letter to the editor that is suitable for publication in Western Herald. For this letter, you will select an issue that you are passionate about on Westerns Campus or the surrounding Kalamazoo area. Your letter should respond to the following questions: What specific Issue matters most to me right now? Why should this Issue matter to readers of western Herald? To complete this assignment, you’ll first want to become familiar with the editorial requirements for submitting letters to Western Herald. These requirements can be found on http://www. Westerners. Com/letter-to-the-editor/ Next, you’ll want to read a few letters to the editor published by Western Herald to get a sense of the stylistics inventions and argumentation strategies authors used to compose these editorials.

Finally, you’ll consult course texts that discuss multiculturalism and diversity. You’ll also plan to locate, evaluate, and consult additional editorials and academic essays that address issues of linguistic diversity. In essence, you’ll need to reference sufficient and appropriate evidence necessary for persuading readers of your argument. Monday, October 21st, 2013 Final Draft Due: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

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