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Thank you for all your help and telling me that no matter what you’re always be there for me. All of you serve as an inspiration to me and I want to tell you that I love you every day. To my second home, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Battings for continuously strengthening its academic support services for the students. To Dry. Alex P. Lagan thank you for the support and being a believer of what we can do serving others. For the encouragement in doing this training and sharing his knowledge on technical aspects of the training.

And the opportunity to experience the real world that we’re going to encounter in the future. To Ms. AC Syrians, practicum coordinator, thank you ma’am for all the reminders, suggestions and support. My deepest gratitude is to Hemispheres Travel Corporation for having me as a trainee in their company. I’m very much gratified for the support and understanding of my supervisors especially on times when I committed mistakes. More than any learning thought in school, I learned to be with others, to work with people.

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To my friends, thank you for listening, offering me advice, and supporting me through this entire training. Thank you also for the phone calls, texts, and being there whenever I needed a friend. To my co-trainees, Aloha and Janet, thank you for being a part of this training thank you for all the memories, laughter’s, ND understanding. Thank you for sharing your life stories with me and for your friendship. We make travel accessible to a larger number of people. We continuously introduce innovative travel products.

We are long time partners in growing our clients’ businesses. We are preferred for the reliability, convenience and wealth of services we offer. Our employees are owner-partners in this business. They enjoy the success of this organization. We are the premiere Travel & Leisure service provider in Asia. MISSION Expanding horizons around the globe – NEWS (North East West South) hemispheres y giving quality service and affordable travel and tour products. Innovative travel products. We are long time partners in growing our clients’ businesses.

Im so nervous because I don’t have any idea about abacus but then she said that they will teach us in abacus when I hear it, my heart feels happiness overload and thinking that hay yes I’m going to know it. Ha) Then, she said that they have color coding every day and she said that it would be better if we also follow the color coding and wear corporate attire. Our training supervisor also assigned us to different duties like answering calls, photocopying, faxing, and filing.

She said that every day we were going to change our duties and every two days we were going to change position in the office. It may not be easy to start and work with people having a large gap in our age, but by acceptance and warm welcome showed and expressed to us, I have learned the first step to welcome the world of professionals. It’s not the work or task given to you, it is how you accomplished each tasks learn from it and enjoy what work has meant for everyone. My first week as a trainee was a very good start because I familiarized myself by observing what they doing.

I knew what phonetic codes is, AMA Arlene asked ate Len to teach us on how to photocopy in a Xerox machine she also taught us in faxing I still remember what she says that every time we are going to fax we should asks a deposit from the client and reminding them that 20 pesos per minute. AMA Arlene gave us the folder that contains information about abacus, odes for encoding and decoding, etc. She asked us to read those folders for us to familiarize. I thought that they are all serious but I’m wrong because next day they are Joking inside the office.

Like the first week of my training, I’m so excited on the second week of my training I was observing the employees what they were doing in a travel agency. Before the weekend ends AMA Mallow, the managing director of hemispheres, asked us to research about the regions, and its provinces and cities in the Philippines and we’ve accomplished it right away before the given time of deadline AMA anneal suggested hat we can use the PTA book in the office for and we also used our phones to research. I’m very thankful that they treat me like them and they trust me with my work.

I appreciate so much the working environment I had within the company because it helps me absorbed what I need to know. On my third week of training asked us to read the abacus manual because she will teach us on how to book flights using the abacus system she said that we should memorize the codes for us to know on how to idea on how could I understand those codes from the abacus manual but as I was eating I have noticed that it has similarities with the Amadeus System. AMA Arlene gave us assignment, research ten international airports in Asia.

We submit it to AMA Arlene and she checked it if we have researched it correctly. Some of our airports were incorrect and she explained to us that not all the airports that we’ve researched can be considered as international airport. Two men came in the office and they offered travel insurance and they explain it to AMA Richest after ten or fifteen minutes of explaining the two men left. That my duty is the photocopy and I’m beside AMA Richest then I asked her that why they rejected the offer of two men she said that hemispheres already have travel insurance which is the Blue Cross.

Everyday has been my training ground for me to be aware on how the professional world would be, but they also let me feel how welcome I am to their office. I love being with them and learning things from them. Even in doing simple thing, I was taught how to make every detail of our work important and valuable. They also let me bear in mind that working will meant nothing if you do not love what you’re doing. On the fourth eek of my training it was not easy as the previous week. We were tasked to practice encoding and decoding using the abacus system.

They also trained us on how to use the abacus to look for sell seats and net fare before booking flights of the passengers. They let me deal with the paper work like filing, and let me handled void tickets and bank deposits, I and my co-trainee, Leila, went to BPI because AMA Arlene asked us to deposit the money. After lunch, AMA richest taught me on how to create a purchase order then emailed it and I’m glad that I did it. Learning some of these things was a read advantage and opportunity I acquired through the training.

Everyday has been my training ground for me to be aware on how the professional world would be, but they also let me feel how welcome I am to their office. I love being with them and learning things from them. Even in doing simple thing, I was taught how to make every detail of our work important and valuable. They also let me bear in mind that working will meant nothing if you do not love what you’re doing. I may have a routine that made me feel lazy yet having their thought how to give importance to work made me love and made my work for them airworthier.

I also appreciate how to handle work at ease they also let me realize the things that would come up for my future Job. It may not be that easy to work and to mingle with professionals and to reach their expectations and preference of the duties assigned to us. On the fifth week of my training, little by little as days passed so fast, I met some personalities that carry position in the company. There are times that I was only sitting on my chair and waiting for my boss to ask me what will I do I still learned to be alert whenever they call me.

I was flattered that in such time Vive et wonderful people in the company. I was also amazed how people make some of my lessons in a more high technological way and system. Every time I’m going to the office and seeing some friendly faces helped a great deal. Having my training with my friends made it a whole lot easier for me. They also taught me how to file such important documents, printing invoice tickets the sixth week of my training I felt sad because our training will going to end seen and I will be missing them a lot.

After lunch, AMA Richest asked me to call PAL to retrieve and request seats for the passengers that time I’m so nervous because I’m light deaf when talking on the phone (hay) and I don’t know what to do, what to say, and what to answer if they asked something but with the help of AMA Richest I did it, she said I did a great Job. My feeling that time was like I win in the zee lotto. AMA Anneal asked us to type the information in the calling cards on her laptop. Working on the travel agency like hemispheres travel thought me lot things. I have learned how to handle the tasks their assigning easily.

I also learned that I must apply what was asked for me to do and to ask question unhesitant if I am encountering problems about the tasks. There are so many things that I had experienced during this period. I was able to know my capabilities and strength while doing some assignments and tasks. Through learning process and open-mindedness I gradually learned that I am applying what was taught to me as a student. The environment they gave to me was very refreshing and warmth. They treated me well and upright. I was aware that they also have lots of work to do that is why I helped myself to perform at my best.

Understanding and learning at the same time some of their works helped me to analyze some future work to do. On the last three days of my training, on 16th of December, that time around pm AMA Arlene called AMA Richest, AMA Arlene said that 2 trainees will go to shop wise because she need help in bringing the gifts of hemispheres for other company. Then Aloha and I went to shop wise to help AMA Arlene while waiting for the gifts to be finished I asked AMA Arlene if it’s okay if I’ll buy hotdogs because I’m felt a little bit hungry and she said yes then Aloha and I bought hotdogs on stick.

The employees of sheepish Just finished wrapping the gifts so Aloha, AMA Arlene and I went back to the office. And one of the most unforgettable experiences during my training was when had celebrated the Christmas party on 17th of December in AMA Mallow’s house. That time around pm, AMA Richest and I went to shop wise to buy departure and she also buy a gift for the Christmas party of her son and Juices because her son need to be bring for his Christmas party. When I’m on my way back to the office suddenly I felt uncomfortable because my stomach ache I knew that the nature is calling me but I pretend to be okay in front of my boss.

Even though I want defecate still I didn’t go to comfort room because I’m scared the comfort room will meals bad so I Just waited until I went back home, then around pm AMA Anneal asked Janet and I to go to south supermarket together with her because she will buy foods and drinks for our Christmas party after that we went to their house and I helped AMA Anneal I was amazed because she was good in cooking. And the party started, we prayed first and ate already. The best part of the party started the kinsman an (hay).

That day was the first time I tried to drink tequila after a shot it feels like my head is hot, then the party still go on after an hour I vomited on the comfort room and it’s yuck as in. And the party was over, we went back home. My feeling was so I don’t know what I’m feeling I don’t know what I’m talking what I know was my head is aching very much. December 18 was the last day of our training. For of what we will encounter. The opportunity having my JOT in such a prestigious company like Hemispheres Travel Corporation, I have seen what was likely I need to develop and study in the future.

Such training can be an investment that will be valuable to the company, as it can be truly beneficial not only to the trainees but also to the company that provide opportunities for this type of learning. This is why us, trainees, should take the internship seriously as it can become our powerful tool and possibly even our source of recommendation when we took that big lift from being students to career professionals. I was able to meet some of the terms I encountered while studying and the application was really relevant as I was learning little by little.

Every week I was learning, and continuously coping with the environment of professionals. Three hundred (250) hours is no big Joke by thinking that it would be a great time performing and allotting time for the company for long time. It may not be permanent but the temporary assignments and works I have encountered was my weapon, as I will be working in near time. Every new task was a treasure to remember and to keep. I’m sure the real world wouldn’t always have as many friendly faces but we all relationships that is, have to start somewhere.

Before all the relationships and friendships have even started, we were but strangers in this sea of unfamiliar and nameless faces. I always bear in mind that the things I am doing was my stepping stone that I can look back and cherish. They keep me in track on what to do and how o do things in proper. I was blessed that as an individual, I have learned from what I look the best. There may be many persons I will meet and interact in the future but having them as my first bosses I treated them as my first teacher that taught me how to read and write.

They formally laid the information about how will I need to work, their guidelines and directions I will never forget. It may be tiring but letting me experienced many tasks was likely touring me in the whole company at the same time. Knowing that the world has nothing permanent, they let me dwell and move in o the changes. I had stayed long enough to practice and to understand everything that they had taught me. The simple tasks such as photocopying and faxing were one thing that they had taught us. I saw how they appreciate my effort while giving me directions and tasks.

The idea that they installed to me was never-ending and forever I will apply it. It showed how amazing that the company I chose took good care of me as their trainee. We had built strong relationship between each other. I had trusted them my trainee and as well they entrusted me their paper works and the company. Ever since, Hemispheres Travel Corporation has been famous for years. It was a privilege to be accepted as one of their trainees. They had gained many clients for years of satisfaction, and choosing them as my training ground was the best I can say.

It was a packed experience if that would be the basis. But the knowledge and the things I had bear in mind during such activities was more than Just an experience. I am so blessed because I know I am working in a great working environment. This training is very helpful to me as a student because it prepared me on my future Job. I’m very grateful that they expose me so much on what I must know regarding the work which suits my course. After completing my training, I had bagged many experiences and knowledge that will guide me in the future.

Having my training in their professional ground I was very blessed that they had taught me everything I Hemispheres Travel Corporation. They are like family to me, they had treated me well and they taught me things that I needed to know. It’s worth a while since Vive started my training and yet time passed swiftly that I had finished and accomplished my 300 hours requirement. Grabbing the opportunity to work in such environment was the greatest thing I won’t ever forget. In every situation they gave me I cherished it.

The things they had installed to my knowledge were a great advancement as I held my training under this company. In the future, whenever someone will ask, I’ll definitely recommend Hemispheres to be one of their choices as the company partner for future internship. They prioritize the need of every student working for internship. They prioritize the need of every student working for internship. Being trained in this kind of company was my biggest achievement. To be reminded that once in my life I have been part of this company wherein I will use everything they taught me to every tasks I will do.

In all this matter, I have bear in mind that every trainee must focus to his or her work. For every trainee to listen carefully with the instructions, and if something is not understandable, feel free to ask for help and be aggressive in order to learn. We should be the one who take the initiative that we are eager to learn. Deal with problems with calmness, so that everything will turn out right. Trainees should always observe the proper attitude while working because our attitude will affect the work of people around us.

Every trainee should work with promptness and be confident with every Job and tasks given. At the end of my JOT period, I experienced and encountered many things and learned from it. I have learned how to use different machines which I know how important these kinds of machines because it is essential for the work. During this time, I experience how to deal with people around me, professional people with different personalities. I’ll be forever thankful that I had given the chance to have my JOT in Hemispheres Travel Corporation.

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