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I was first given this assignment to do our name In faux AD lettering which conveys meaning and relevance to our Individual persona, I had somewhat of an Idea of what I wanted to do. When I put my Ideas on paper I realized It doesn’t really convey who I am, It Just looked neat. So then I created a list of words that best described me as well as personal goals I try to achieve.

I started off with simple but edgy lettering which describes me the most. I consider myself to be a relatively simple human but I know at times, I can be very edgy. Moving on from that, In elementary and high school for some reason I would mix capital letters with lowercase letters. Not because I didn’t know the difference but I always liked the way it looked, so the “N” in my name is lowercased to tell a little personal story as well show the personal imperfections within myself.

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As you can see the size increases wrought my name, B being the smallest letter and N being the largest letter. When I was 14 1 got signed to play semi-professional soccer for Toronto and I continued playing until I was 19. I was having a hard time competing against such high quality players and one day my coach, Duncan Wiled, pulled me over for a chat and gave me advice. He said “Every step you take in life has to be bigger and better than your last”, This stuck with me and is now my personal life goal.

My AD lettering increases size in every letter as it represents who I am and what I try to live by. On my first copy, the shadow on the lettering wasn’t as deep, but then as I was thinking about it and I realized I am a lot deeper then I portray myself to be, so I change the depth of my shadows. Although one might look at my name and think its simple, it has depth and in the shadows there’s a story to be revealed and that is why I chose to do my AD name the way I did.

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