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College is one of the next levels to continue studies after we finish our school and CPM exam. Everyone has to go to college or university in order to continue their further studies. When we go to college or for our further studies sometimes changes happen to our life in many angles. The changes can be based on our friends, our attitude and the way of learning. Everyone must have their experience when they first time continue their studies at college and met new people. I also have my own experience that I like to share.

I continue my studies at College YAP which is situated at Atman Malaria, Cheers. I continue my studies by doing foundation in business. I start my college on 25th June 2013. The first day at the college was not very good for me. This is because I am a shy person. I do not talk much to stranger and new people. Although the classroom is full with student but I feel lonely because there is nobody that I know. The second day we started to learn on introduction to business which is teach by Mr..

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Peak. He was a good lecturer. I feel very comfortable when in his class. After a few days then only I meet a new friend named Miriam. She is also a shy person like me. We will be together all the time. I meet my second friend Jihad in IT application class. She is very friendly to me. We sit together in IT class. Day by day I started to meet new people and become friends with them. The third class that darted at the early month of our college is English Proficiency class.

The lecturer of the class is Miss Banana who is very friendly to her student. She likes to do activities with us rather than giving notes. Now is the third month of my studies at the college. It is totally different to the first month. We have been given with a lot of tutorial and assignment. The Journal that I am writing now is one of the assignments that Miss Banana gave us. I hope she will like my Journal although it has grammar correction.

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