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Introduce yourself in an online discussion board. Due: Friday 1/8/2014 1. Go to the “49002 Managing Projects (Distance Mode)” section of Outselling 2. Post a short biography introducing yourself in the discussion board “Introductions for Distance Education students”. 3. Your description should include: a. Any project management experience (years and types of projects) Level of education and any bachelor degrees held What you hope to get out of the subject. B. Horn description of one of your most interesting projects. C. A Joke. Step 2 Select your study group members. Due: Monday 4/8/2014 4. Read all the introductory posts in the discussion board 5. Find 3 people with whom you have something in common 6. Comment on their posts providing a short explanation of the connections with your own introduction and why this might be the basis for a good group interaction. Step 3 Enroll in your group in TTS online Due: Tuesday 5/8/2014 1 . Self-enroll in one of the Groups (Group 1 Distance…

Group 8 Distance) with three other students you have met on the discussion board. Step 4 Discussion on Assignment 2. Due: Wednesday 6/8/2014 1 . Create a new thread in your group discussion board called “Assignment 2”. 2. Identify the elements of the assignment that need to be completed before the due date. 3. At the end of this discussion (Step 4) complete the first survey in SPARK. You can access SPARK via the link in the left column on TTS online titled “SPARK” 1 .

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