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You will be instructed on what to include in each part of your essay, beginning with the introduction, then the body paragraphs, and, finally, the conclusion. PART l: Short Response Questions Directions: Please provide responses to the questions below. If necessary, please use examples or information from the textbook; however, please be sure to not copy any information directly from the text, the Module 2 Lecture Notes, or the Internet. Please use proper PAPA citations for any resources that you use. For concise PAPA formatting guidelines, please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

Your responses should be at least 100 words in length for each question. 1. Describe the behavioral nature of decision making. In your description, be certain to provide some detail about political forces, risk propensity, ethics, and commitment. Describe a time when you experienced or participated in behavioral decision making. L) Taking less than the logical approach to making a choice that rather than considering facts. Decisions are based off intuition, feelings, emotion, and other outside influences, which may not always be correct.

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This does not make behavioral decision making wrong, but just a efferent approach. II) can relate with behavioral decision making from my time in the military. It’s kind of like picking your team for a good sports team. A company mostly consists of 3 line platoons. Over time you will see the Platoon Sergeant (middle management) making moves within the company on making his platoon the strongest. Now we have one strong platoon with no week leadership and the other two struggling. Now that I am a First Sergeant (upper management) I can control those moves to make it equal throughout the company.

I have what we call draft day to where the three Layton sergeants come in my office and start all over by one at a time pick their platoons all Over. 2. Consider the list of business decisions listed below. Which decisions would be handled most effectively by group or team decision-making? Which would be best suited for individual decision-making? Explain your answers. A decision about switching pencil suppliers, Individual decision-making would be best here just for the simple reason that if you are at the head of your business and you see a way of saving money by your suppliers you should make that decision.

A decision about hiring a new CEO, A group decision would be made here. This way the group can come together and discus why or why not to hire a certain person. A decision about firing an employee for stealing, A group decision should be made here too. I think that if you are firing from a group decision then that makes it to where it wasn’t personal. A decision about calling 91 1 to report a fire in the warehouse, Individual decision here would really save a lot of time and money. If you wanted a group decision on calling the fire department when there is in fact a fire there may be a problem with micro management.

A decision about introducing a rand-new product, a group decision would be great here as well. You can discuss the time and place on your new product. Also it will give you a plan on how you are going to market it and move forward with this product. 3. Read the Building Effective Technical Skills Exercise on pages 1 14 and 115 of the textbook. Use the Internet to research each of the six cities then answer the following questions: Choose your top two ranked cities and explain why they are your top choices. Compare and rank each city in terms of the following: Orlando Florida and New York City New York

Stable and well-educated workforce, Based on the internet feedback on studies for these two city’s they have positive plans and programs in place to educate and build better opportunities for their workforce. Ample affordable housing, Both Cities have affordable housing plans built into their City’s plan. Both Cities’ also focuses on the middle class citizens. Access to quality health care, with these cities being highly populated they understand the need for quality health care. They both have institutes for quality health care and rank high in the nation for such care.

A good system of education, both cities also understand the need for a good education system. Again with the high populations they have accommodated that with multiple schools at all grade levels. Select your final choice of the city in which to build your new plant. My final choice of cities would be Orlando Fl. The reason for my choice is because of its location. With this being a place that is known for retirement it brings opportunity’s to dominate from the retired elderly. On the flip side it also has a lot of attractions for the younger generations. . When evaluating strategies, entrepreneurs have to consider the heartsickness of the industry in which they are going to conduct business. Assume that you are a business owner seeking a location for a new factory. Your company makes products that are relatively “clean”-?that is, they do not pollute the environment, nor will they produce any dangerous waste products-?and most communities would welcome your plant. Answer the following questions about your strategy: Would you build a new plant or try to buy an existing building and refit it? Why?

If I had the open budget to buy and refit would do that, Reason is that this is a community that is looking for he “clean” out of my business. If I bought one of their existing buildings and cleaned it up and refit it to fit my business then I am winning their hearts and minds by making their community look better. Will you try to sell your product to a big company? Why or why not? Will you try to market your product yourself? Why? Yes I would try to sell my product to a big company to dominate on the large sales. I wouldn’t forget about the small companies that was interested in my products and make them just available to them as well.

I would also market myself through my company. I loud do this with the help of a team that I developed but I would keep it internal. Do you need to be concerned with how your product gets to market? Did you consider that when you chose your city? Yes thought about how the product gets to the market in my planning. Think this is why I considered on putting together a marketing team from within. I chose Orlando because I think I would be able to sell to all ages. What technologies exist that will help your small manufacturing plant function in a mid-sized city? Computerized technologies will assist in helping with manufacturing.

How did your choice of cities give you some competitive advantages? The cities I chose are those of where people go when they are looking for that one opportunity to change their lives. These cities are always in high demand. What financing will you need to consider as you move into this new community? Cost of live would be one of my top concerns. With both of my cities being a place for tourist attractions the cost of living in these areas will be much higher than most. Would also need to budget my marketing plan to get the word of my product out there. PART II: Essay

Directions: This assignment is designed to help you learn more about PAPA citations as well as how to follow instructions for writing a short essay. Be sure to use the introductory paragraph that is provided for you. Remember to insert a Reference section at the end of your paper. In addition to the textbook, you will be citing some electronic sources in the Reference section, including the Youth video that you watched in the Lecture Notes. If you are unable to access the video, you must find another resource on the Internet and use it for this paper. A suggested website with go-getters, trend- setters, and global leaders is www. D . Com. Please visit the Purdue OWL website (http://owl. English. Purdue. Du/owl/ resource/560/10) to learn more about how to cite electronic sources, including the video you watched in the Lecture Notes (you will need to scroll to the bottom Of the page to view the Video potash citation). Preliminary Research: Read the case, “The Creative Imprint at Bigots,” on pages 121 through 123 in your textbook. Then answer questions 1 through 4 on page 150 in your textbook under You Make the Call. You will use this material to help you with your paper. You do not need to submit the answers to these questions.

This is just to help you begin the paper below. You will incorporate the following sentences in the introductory paragraph of the paper, please add your own words to describe the decision-making process that the assignment asks you to consider: The purpose of this paper is to discuss how start-up small businesses can maximize the use Of resources and also reduce the risk of failure. According to Griffin (2014), “A small-business owner who needs help in starting a new business can get it free through the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE)” All SCORE members are retired executives, and all are volunteers.

Four general factors contribute to new business failure. One factor is managerial incompetence or inexperience” Entrepreneurs think that they can succeed through common sense or think that hard work alone will lead to success. A business owner needs to understand how to make a basic business decision and understand to concepts and principles of management, if they want to be successful in the long run. “Second, neglect can also contribute to failure. If you are looking to launch a new business it can’t be something that you do on your spare time. You must be devoted and put in overwhelming time to make it survive.

Third, weak control systems can lead to serious problems. You must have control systems in place to find the problems before they turn into big problems. Finally, insufficient capital can contribute to new business failure. ” Business owners need to have an open mind on the time it will take them to start earning a profit. They should have enough capital to run for six months without earning a profit. I think the federal government should do more to encourage the development of small business. A lot of your small communities across the nation rely on those small local businesses to operate.

If one larger chain eves in and builds their store that has several products it hurts several small businesses. Think the government could help with the development of the small business to help them be more competitive with the larger corporations. On the first reason a person may want to sit down a plan out what they want to achieve in their business. Make sure they are making the right decisions before they make them. Second, when you have your plan together be dedicated to your decision and be committed to starting the business. Make sure you have the time to put into your business to help with the likelihood of it surviving.

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